9 US Cities With The Mildest Winters

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 6, 2014

US Cities With The Mildest Winters


If you’ve ever shoveled snow, or had to de-ice your windshield, or dealt with any of the other myriad inconveniences that arise in a snowy climate, you’ve probably dreamed of moving somewhere warm for the winter. But where? And how warm? Well look no further, Frosty. Here’s a list of the nine mildest US cities during winter.

The info is based on the currently available mean winter temperatures for each city, which as you’ll see rank as downright balmy compared to whatever winter wasteland you’re currently living in (I’m assuming that people who already live near these cities are outside frolicking right now and are nowhere near their computers). Enjoy.

Jacksonville, Florida

There are lots of reasons to live in Jacksonville: They have an NFL team, for instance. And, uh, probably some other stuff. But they also have the 9th warmest winters in the US, with an average of 55 degrees F. And the above video is the first thing that comes up when you search “Jacksonville winter” on YouTube. Why aren’t you packing yet?

New Orleans, Louisiana

Unlike the previous city on this list, there’s no shortage of immediately recognizable and world-famous reasons to move to New Orleans, and that would be true even if they had to deal with subzero temperatures during winter storms. But instead they have livable 55-degree winters on average.

Riverside, California

With an average winter that comes in at one degree warmer than New Orleans’, it’s Riverside, California, home to a variety of cultural and athletic events and entities that they didn’t have room for in LA. 56-degree winters, and less than two hours from Los Angeles!

San Diego, California

The one-degree steps continue with San Diego, California and its average 57-degree winters. It might not be as glitzy as some of California’s other major cities, but Ron Burgundy is from there, which when you’re in the middle of a blizzard might be enough of a reason to move.

Phoenix, Arizona

The only city representing the state of Arizona to make this list is none other than Phoenix. A winter in Phoenix is on average 58 degrees, despite the fact that it’s in the middle of the desert which is supposed to get very cold at night. Plus, I hear there’s some kind of canyon or something near there, which might be worth checking out.

Los Angeles, California

With an average winter temperature of 50 degrees F, Los Angeles is tied with Phoenix for winter temperature. But, Los Angeles isn’t in Arizona, so that breaks the tie. Movietown, USA has plenty of things to recommend it, along with world-famous pollution and traffic. We can tell ourselves that the weather doesn’t make it worth it, but we’re probably lying.

Orlando, Florida

We now enter Florida in our list of the cities with the mildest winters, where we will remain for the rest of the list. First up is Orlando, home of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Shamu. The average winter here is only 62 degrees F, which is good since most of the people here are wearing shorts anyway.

Tampa, Florida

We travel west a bit from Orlando to Tampa, but for our trouble we have the same average winter temperature: 62 degrees F. But Tampa has an NFL team, and I went to school near there, so it takes the edge. And according to the above video, you can grow roses in the winter in Tampa. That’s nice, right?

Miami, Florida

The United States city with the mildest winter isn’t even close to the other contenders. In fact, at 70 degrees F, Miami’s winters can’t even really be called “mild” anymore – that’s straight-up warm. It might seem creepy at first but I’m sure you’ll get used to it after a week or so.