Paul Little Plays Every Part in ‘Home Alone’ for Video Christmas Card

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Paul Alone

Did you remember to send out Christmas cards this year? If you did, they were probably a pretty generic affair, with a picture of you or your family in front of a Christmas-y or wintry background, smiling into the camera. Maybe you got a little hip with it and wore an ironic bad Christmas sweater. But even so, you didn’t accomplish what Paul Little did for his video Christmas card.

Using the magic of digital effects, Mr. Little inserted himself into the Christmas neo-classic Home Alone as every character (or at least every character he could fit into two and a half minutes of screenshots from the movie). It’s called Paul Alone, and it will warm the part of your brain that gets creeped out by seeing a grown man’s face pasted to the heads of children (among other people).

Get into the Christmas spirit by watching Paul Alone below. Merry Christmas, everybody!