Roots Canada Celebrates 40 Years in Business With New Video

by: Joseph On  Friday, December 13, 2013

Roots Canada

40 years ago, Roots Canada was born and well on its way to the place of sportswear immortality that it occupies today, as more and more professional athletes were seen sporting Roots gear in public as the brand grew more and more popular. Now, the brand is looking back, and commemorating their 40th anniversary with a new video looking back at their 40-year history.

The video features interviews with Roots Canada’s two founders, Michael Budman and Don Green, as they reminisce about the origins of their company. They began using the “Roots Canada” brand name to sell “negative heel shoes,” and the video traces the brand’s evolution from those humble beginnings to today.

If you’re interested in Roots Canada’s 40th anniversary, or if you just feel like learning about a long-running sportswear brand, you can check out the video for yourself below. And for more, head to Roots Canada’s website here.