Chris Paul and Blake Griffin Star in New Kids Foot Locker Ad (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blake Griffin's Kids Foot Locker Ad

You don’t have to be a funny actor to play in the NBA, but it definitely helps. Just take a look at two of the league’s biggest stars, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, adding to the TV commercial portfolios in a new spot for Kids Foot Locker, also starring (appropriately enough) CP3’s son Chris.

The ad is simply called “Locker,” and it shows Paul and his young son winning a territorial battle over locker space against Blake Griffin, who’s forced to use a locker at a bus station instead. I really can’t take issue with how this turned out – after all, you can’t send a 5-year-old kid by himself to some bus station, can you?

You can watch the Kids Foot Locker “Locker” ad starring Chris Paul and Blake Griffin (along with the younger Chris Paul) for yourself below. And for more you can check out the Kids Foot Locker website here.