LeBron James Starring in ‘Ballers’ as Kevin Hart’s NBA Star Brother

by: Joseph On  Friday, December 6, 2013
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Kevin Hart and LeBron James

It’s long been reported that LeBron James was interested in starting a movie career, following in the proud footsteps of other athletes-turned-movie-stars like Michael Jordan, Howie Long, and OJ Simpson. But he’s been picky about what his first starring role would be, finally turning to a project entitled Ballers in which he will play an NBA star who constantly overshadows his diminutive brother, played by Kevin Hart.

First things first, I have to mention that LeBron James towers over the diminutive Hart, with a height differential of almost a foot and a half. I wonder if the film will humorously comment on that?

The script for Ballers, which will be written by Kevin Hart and several other writers, hasn’t even been completed yet, so eventual release details for Ballers and what more to expect from LeBron James’ big screen debut are still a long way off. Stay tuned.