Samuel Adams Utopias Cigar

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 25, 2013
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Sam Adams Utopias Cigar

Beer brand Samuel Adams is expanding their upscale Utopias line in an interesting direction: Cigars.  The Sam Adams Utopias 650 Cigar is designed as the perfect complement to the room-temperature, 28% ABV Utopias beer.

Made from Dominican Republican, Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobacco with hints of toffee in its flavoring, the Sam Adams Utopias 650 Cigar is your ticket to the complete Utopias experience, and it’s a lot easier to find and less expensive than the actual limited edition beer.

For more information on the Utopias Cigar, which comes in a three-pack for $34, head to the product’s page on the Sam Adams website here.