The Ziesel Off-Road Driving Machine

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Ziesel

Leave it to the Germans to concoct Der Ziesel (German for “The Ziesel,” of course), a weird blend of a tank and a scooter, with the powers of both combined into one weird-looking machine.

Basically, the Ziesel is a racing seat bolted down to two powerful off-road tracks—the kind you see on tanks. And it’s designed to get the driver wherever he or she needs to go, no matter what gets in their way. The only problem is the battery pack, which lasts up to five hours, and significantly less than that if you push the Ziesel to its top speed of 22 miles per hour.

For more information on acquiring a $30,000 Ziesel off-road machine, head to the the product’s website here.