Usher Shows Off Gold Air Jordan 3s on Instagram

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 11, 2013

Usher's Golden Air Jordan 3

Fresh from Usher’s Instagram account (which you can take a look at for yourself here) comes an evidently one-of-a-kind pair of gold-covered Air Jordan 3 sneakers.

The close-up shot of the sneaker, tagged “#1ofakind” by Usher, doesn’t reveal too much about the shoe. But you can easily see the shiny gold upper and detailing, which is pretty impressive.

Questions about where exactly this sneaker came from, whether or not you can actually wear them, or if that’s real gold, will have to wait, since the photo above is all we have at the moment. But keep your eyes peeled for more info on Usher’s golden pair of Air Jordan 3s, should it arrive.