Justin Bieber Caught on Video Sleeping With a Prostitute? (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, November 7, 2013
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Bieber Video

I believe it was Charlie Sheen who said that he doesn’t pay women for sex, but “I pay them to leave.” Well, that little kernel of wisdom has apparently failed Justin Bieber, who has allegedly been captured on video sleeping off a hard night by the very woman he paid to leave his Brazilian bedroom.

The video, posted on the night of November 6th (hours ago as of this writing), is entitled “Justin Bieber sleeping with Girl in Brasil.” While that’s not entirely accurate, it does come on the heels of a report that Bieber spent some time and money visiting a brothel while on tour in Brazil, and that appears to be the conclusion that most people who see the video are drawing.

You can see the 15-second video of Justin Bieber with an (alleged) prostitute for yourself below. And remember, don’t listen to Charlie Sheen.