Hidden Camera Reveals the Ferrari 458 Italia’s Power to Pick Up Chicks (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, November 7, 2013
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Ferrari 458 Italia Hidden Camera Prank

Probably the biggest reason people spend ungodly sums of money on cars like the Ferrari 458 Italia is their perceived power in attracting women. But there might be more to this idea than you think, if this video is any indication.

In the video, a few guys decide to test their luck in approaching random women on the streets in Las Vegas and asking if they want a ride. And almost every one of the women approached can be heard asking, “is this your car,” before going along with them. ¬†One girl even leaves her boyfriend behind (I didn’t laugh at that one, as it actually just made me feel kind of sad).

You can see the “social experiment” from YouTube users TrueStoryASA below. And if you happen to work at Ferrari’s advertising department, you might consider giving these guys a call.