Fallen Soldier Honored by Passengers on Delta Flight 2255 (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 4, 2013

passengers honor fallen soldier

Taking the time to quietly remember much of anything, let alone the sacrifice of a fallen US soldier, is not something you might expect to see lots of people doing on an airplane. Today as much as ever, most people at airports are in a mindless hurry to meet their connection, or at least get off their plane as quickly as possible.

But Delta Flight 2255 from Atlanta to LA last week proved to be an emotional exception, as the account from travel blog Johnny Jet (check it out here) proves. Basically, everyone on the plane reacted with solemn respect when informed that they were in the company of a fallen soldier, his family, and his official military Honor Guard, even after they got off the plane.

In addition to the written account, you can take a look at some video of the event below.