Spin Chill: Make Warm Beer Drinkable In One Minute (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, October 18, 2013
Tags:  Kickstarter   Spin Chill   Beer  

Spin Chill

We all know that one of the greatest menaces threatening our quality of life is warm beer. There are various ways to combat the problem, but none as appealing as Spin Chill.

Invented by Ty Parker and Trevor Abbot, the Spin Chill works along the same principle as the common method of quickly chilling a bottle of champagne, while amping up the RPMs. It started as a prototype that worked with an electric drill, but the two have refined the process and put the result up on Kickstarter.

They’ve already raised more than three times the amount of their original fundraising goal, but in the next seven hours (as of this writing) you can still get in on the Spin Chill’s ground floor at their Kickstarter page here. And check out the video about the Spin Chill below.