Drink Two Beers At Once With The Dual Beer Glass

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 30, 2013

Dual Beer Glass

If you’ve reached the stage of your beer drinking development in which you start mixing different beers together, it can be a tough process–how much of one beer goes with how much of another? Thankfully, the Dual Beer Glass from PretentiousBeerGlass takes the guesswork out of mixing beers, and looks good doing it.

Each Dual Beer Glass has two separate chambers inside, and whatever beers you put in them won’t meet until they reach your mouth. It’s a new, adventurous way to enjoy beer, and a great way to try established beer combos that are already out there.

For a $135 set of four handmade Dual Beer Glasses, head to the PretentiousBeerGlass online store here.