Fall/Winter Truman Set From Harry’s: Take Care Of Shaving For A While

by: Joseph On  Thursday, September 19, 2013
Tags:  Harry's   Razors   Shaving  

Harry's Fall/Winter Truman Set

With the Fall/Winter Truman Set from shaving brand Harry’s, you get a limited-edition handle in your choice of color, three blades, and about a month’s worth of shaving cream. But you can also choose to follow Harry’s “shaving plan,” which entails new shaving gear being shipped to your home once a month.

Those aforementioned four colors available for the Fall/Winter Truman Set are as follows: Ash fox, headily grange, nautilus captain, or woodsman (never let it be said that Harry’s is not a creative company when it comes to names).

The limited edition Fall/Winter Truman Set from Harry’s can be purchased directly from Harry’s website here, for the price of $20.  And information about the Harry’s shaving plan is available there as well. Happy shaving, everybody.