27 Photoshops of Drake’s ‘Nothing Was the Same’ Album Cover

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, September 18, 2013
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drake nothing was the same album cover photoshops

Drake’s new album, “Nothing Was the Same,” officially comes out on September 24. However, on Sunday night it leaked online, like pretty much every hotly anticipated album does these days. After that Drake apparently decided there was no point trying to hold anything back, so he tweeted out the album’s cover art. Now the whole package is out there.

The reactions? Well, the reactions to the music started out a little mixed, but it seems the songs are growing on people to the point where you could say the response was pretty positive.

With the album artwork, however, it’s another story. I wouldn’t say people have been making fun of it, but they certainly have been having fun with it—by photoshopping the hell out of it.

Want to see what I’m talking about? Good, because that’s the subject of today’s list—awesome photoshop jobs of Drake’s new album cover. Take a look. You will not regret it.

27. The Old Switcheroo

27 drake album cover photoshops - grown up baby

We don’t know yet if the new album will feature two different covers, if one of the images is on the back and one on the front, or what. All we know is that there is baby Drake, and there is grown up Drake…and that somebody decided to switch them around with the help of photoshop just to creep us all out.




26. Scary Nicki

26 drake album cover photoshops - minaj yelling at baby drake

Don’t cry, baby Drake. It’s just Nicki Minaj.

Actually, on second thought, do cry. She’s a crazy-talented rapper, but she is also scary as hell.




25. Paternity Suit

25 drake album cover photoshops - paternity suit

To the best of my knowledge, Aubrey Drake Graham has no kids and there are no ongoing paternity suits. And really, he just doesn’t seem like that sort of guy. (After all, he grew up in an upscale Toronto neighborhood.) Still, this is pretty funny.




24. Pepperoni Pizza

24 drake album cover photoshops - pepperoni pizza

I don’t know about you, but I wish clouds really were made of pepperoni.




23. Nice Shirt

23 drake album cover photoshops - shirt

I’m assuming that this is a real shirt and that somebody just photoshopped baby Drake and grownup Drake onto it. If so…funny. If not…kind of weird.




22. Young Drake as Rallo Tubbs

22 drake album cover photoshops - cleveland show kid

As soon as the album cover came out, people were saying that the baby on the front was actually Blue Ivy, Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s kid. However, at least one person out there in internetland thought baby Drake looked like the kid from The Cleveland Show.




21. Drake as a White-Haired Old Lady

21 drake album cover photoshops - white hair lady

I don’t know if I’m missing some cultural reference here, or if this is just Drake made to look like a white-haired old lady. Either way, I like it.




20. Drake Becomes Emerson, Lake & Palmer

20 drake album cover photoshops - emerson lake and palmer album cover

A ton of people have compared the “Nothing Was the Same” album cover to other iconic pop music covers. However, this one is by far my favorite, simply because someone managed to find an album cover lamer than Drake’s.




19. Drake in Mario World

19 drake album cover photoshops - super mario brothers

Unfortunately, Drake did not sample the iconic Super Mario theme song on “Nothing Was the Same.” Would have been pretty awesome, though.




18. Drake vs. Dragon Ball Z

18 drake album cover photoshops - dragon ball z

This is the nerdiest one I found.

No, just kidding guys. Anime is totally rad!

(Wink, wink.)




17. Magritte Does Drake

17 drake album cover photoshops - magritte

René Magritte. He was a famous painter. Seriously, go to a museum or something.




16. Skydivin' Jay-Z

16 drake album cover photoshops - jay-z parachute

Nice work, Fred. I love that it’s not just Jay-Z, but Jay-Z in swim trunks.



15. The Final Showdown?

15 drake album cover photoshops - chris brown vs drake

In case you didn’t realize it, Drake and Chris Brown have had quite the feud going for the past year. It all started when their entourages got into a big bottle-throwing right at a New York Club. Then came the rumors that Drake and Rihanna are (or were dating), and of course the obligatory dis tracks. (See “Keep It Thoro” on the new album.)




14. Honest Dizzy

14 drake album cover photoshops - abraham lincoln

Get it? It’s famous profile portraits.  (You could do a whole series just of these.)




13. More Picks

13 drake album cover photoshops - lots of picks

Doesn’t make any sense, but I like it.




12. Care Bears!

12 drake album cover photoshops - care bears

Pretty random, but hey, who doesn’t love the Care Bears?




11. The Smooch

11 drake album cover photoshops - kissing

At least this person didn’t make it so grownup Drake is kissing baby Drake. That would have been creepy.

Well, creepier.




10. Continued Evolution

10 drake album cover photoshops - mr t evolution

Apparently, in another 20 years Drake will have turned into Mr. T.




9. Drake the Camel

9 drake album cover photoshops - camel head

Sure, Drake as a camel. Why not?




8. Obligatory Amanda Bynes Reference

8 drake album cover photoshops - amanda bynes

Everyone knows Amanda Bynes has some sort of weird crush on Drake, so this one was pretty obvious.

(On a side note, this wouldn’t be nearly as funny if the person has actually spent any time actually photoshopping Amanda Bynes in.)




7. The Barber Hairstyle Guide

7 drake album cover photoshops - barber hairstyle guide

Pure genius. That’s all I have to say.




6. The Up Poster

6 drake album cover photoshops - up

Yep, now they’re getting good, aren’t they?




5. Lady and the Tramp

5 drake album cover photoshops - lady and the tramp spaghetti scene

Wait, which one is the lady and which one is the tramp?




4. Drake = Baby Genius

4 drake album cover photoshops - baby geniuses

This one actually looks kind of real, doesn’t it?




3. Home Simpson Never Was the Same

3 drake album cover photoshops - homer simpson

Not sure why they didn’t also do a baby Homer, but it’s still a winner.




2. Drake the Drake

2 drake album cover photoshops - duck head

Get it? Because a drake is a male duck?




1. Spaceballs

1 drake album cover photoshops - we aint found shit (spaceballs)

The person who thought of this one is my hero. One of the best lines from one of the funniest movies of all-time.