A Sneak Peak At The “iPhone 5s” From Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 16, 2013
Tags:  Apple   Comedy   IPhone 5S   Jimmy Kimmel  

Jimmy Kimmel iPhone 5s Bit

If you’re not a regular follower of Jimmy Kimmel’s onscreen antics, you might not realize that he often goes out into the streets and embarrasses average Americans on camera. The most recent example of this has to do with the iPhone 5s.

The premise of the bit is to show people an iPad Mini, tell them it’s the new iPhone 5s, and watch their reactions. It actually goes beyond that, as the woman behind the camera makes up a series of absurd features, like “Click It & Lick It.”

You can watch the iPhone 5s prank from Jimmy Kimmel Live below. And for future reference, just because someone has a camera crew behind them, it doesn’t mean they aren’t lying.