Sodastream Source

by: Joseph On  Friday, August 30, 2013

Sodastream Source

We’ve written up Sodastream products in the past, from their controversial Super Bowl ad to the Sodastream Refrigerator. Now comes the Sodastream Source—an elegant and small-scale solution to all of your soda-related problems.

With the Sodastream Source, you can carbonate just about any beverage you can imagine: tap water, soft drinks, Kool-Aid, grape juice, whatever. The included plastic bottle seals up just like one from a factory, only it’s reusable, so it’ll never clog up a landfill near you.

The Sodastream Source costs a healthy $130, but just think about all the money you’ll save on soda in the long run. To buy one or get more information, head to the Sodastream Source website here.