Hangin’ With The Homies Air Fresheners, Featuring Dr. Dre and Eazy-E

by: Joseph On  Thursday, August 29, 2013
Tags:  Dr. Dre   Eazy-E   Air Fresheners  

Hangin' With The Homies

I’m not exactly sure why, but there’s a new line of hip-hop-themed air fresheners on the market. They’re called Hangin’ With The Homies (get it?), and they come bearing the likenesses of rap legends like Dr. Dre (on the cover of The Chronic), Dre’s NWA cohort Eazy-E, and Darlene Ortiz.

The Hangin’ With The Homies air fresheners come in scents like apple, vanilla, and something called “black ice” (presumably not a reference to the AC/DC album of the same name).

If you think your car is funky enough for a Hangin’ With The Homies air freshener, head to the product’s website here, where they’re going for ten bucks a pop.