11 Grooming Gadgets for Men

by: Esteban On  Friday, August 16, 2013
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grooming gadgets for men

Remember the Flowbee? The haircutting machine that attached to your vacuum? Well thankfully, grooming gadgets have come a long, long way since then. Not only do they no longer suck (literally or figuratively), but they are also much more clever, and in some cases much more technologically advanced.

Today we’re bringing you a list of some excellent grooming gadgets. Some are designed for and marketed just to men; others are more unisex in nature; and a couple of them seem to be marketed mainly toward women, despite the fact that there is nothing inherently feminine about them. They may not all be for you, but they’re at least worthy of your consideration. So take a look.


11. Wahl All-In-One Lithium Ion Trimmer

11 wahl 3 in 1 lithium ion shaver

Let’s just get the obvious one out of the way. Every man—yes, literally every man—should have a solid set of clippers for trimming whatever hair on your body needs to be trimmed, whether it’s your beard, your sideburns, you chest, or, yes, even your nether regions. Of course, there are lots of other options out there, but this one gets our recommendation because it’s got a great rechargeable lithium ion battery and has everything you could possibly want—regular hair clippers, fine precision trimming clippers, attachable clips, and a dual foil shaver. 

Does the dual foil shaver give you a close shave? No, probably not. But hey, if it’s the sexy stubble look you’re going for it might do the trick.

$50 – Buy It


10. RazorPit Men's Razor Blade Sharpener

10 razorpit razor blade sharpener

Now, let’s get one thing right out of the way here: despite it’s claims, this device will not sharpen the blades on your razor cartidges. Yes, they call is a “sharpener,” but that’s not what’s really going on. What it will do is clean your razor blades, removing all the soap residue, ckin cells, and wiskers, so that the blade will be more effective and thus seem sharper. And that is still pretty damn cool.

$20Buy It


9. HairMax LaserComb

9 hairmax lasercomb hair growth laser light device

Are things starting to thin out a bit up there? Well, you might want to consider the HairMax LaserComb. It zaps your hair follicles with lasers—LASERS!—in order to stimulate new growth. And apparently, after 16 weeks, most users start noticing thicker hair.

The only downside? Yeah, it’s pricey. But it does come with a 20 week money back guarantee.

$545Buy It


8. Clarisonic Mia Sonic Face Cleanser

8 Clarisonic Mia electric face scrubber

For some reason, this electric face scrubber is marketed solely to women. Now, I get that women are, on the whole, more likely to spend a considerable chunk of change on a grooming device. But that still doesn’t change the fact that this device is about as manly a way to wash your face as there is. It’s basically like a disc sander for your face. If one of your friends ever made fun of you for using it, you would just need to say, “Oh, what do you clean your face with? A nice soft wash cloth made of egyptian cotton? Yeah, I power-sanded my face clean, bro.”

$120 – Buy It


7. Tanda Zap

7 tanda zap

What does this gizmo do? Well, it combines “powerful blue light technology” (whatever that is) and sonic vibration with gentle water to “clear or fade mild to moderate acne blemishes within 24 hours.”

In other words, it’s a zip zapper, which sounds almost as fun as it does useful.

$50Buy It


6. Kohler Moxie Showerhead Speaker

5 kohler Moxie 1-spray showerhead speaker combo

You know what you need? Tunes in the shower. Like, right in the shower. And this Kohler shower head with built-in blue tooth speaker can help you out. Just sync it up with your phone and iPod before you hop in and then rock out.

$160Buy It


5. Kohler Moxie Shower Speaker

4 kohler moxie shower speaker

Don’t want to change out your entire shower head? Then just get the speaker from Kohler and set it down somewhere in your shower. Or get creative and use duct tape. Whatever. Just be careful if you’re a dancer, because you don’t want to fall, break your neck, and then have someone find you like that.

$112Buy It


4. Water Pebble Shower Water Monitor

6 water pebble shower water gauge

After you get some speakers for your shower, you’re probably going to develop a tendency to stay in there way too long, and that’s going to affect your water bill. That’s where these babies come it. The Water Pebble is a shower timer that gives you a yellow light halfway through your shower and then gives you a red light when it’s time to get out.

The best part? They’re fully programmable. You can decide how long your showers should be, and if you want to slowly ween yourself off your dependency on excessively long showers, the Water Pebble can shorten your shower times a little bit every day over a course of weeks or months.

$10Buy It


3. Warming Towel Rack

3 bath towel warming rack

Why these are not standard in every house makes absolutely no sense to me. I mean, who doesn’t like a warm towel when they get out of the shower on a cold morning?

$130Buy It


2. GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device

2 GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening System

So, in case you couldn’t tell, this is a teeth whitening system. The gel you put in the mouth piece is pretty similar to the stuff you’d get at the dentist or over the counter at the pharmacy. However, what makes this system different is that it also shines laser beams on your teeth that apparently interact with the gel to make it work faster. Thus, people say this thing will actually give you noticeably whiter teeth in just a few sessions, which is pretty crazy if you’re ever used those infuriating white strips.

$200Buy It


1. Oral-B 5000 Electric Toothbrush

1 oral-b 5000 electirc toothbrush

I guess this one is king of obvious, but I don’t think people really understand just how awesome a good electric tooth brush really is. If you use them properly, you basically get that just-from-the-dentist-clean feeling every single day. It’s so good, in fact, that if you go on a trip and use an old-fashioned manual tooth brush for a week, you almost can’t stand it.

So seriously, get this toothbrush. It’s the best $100-$150 you’ll ever spend…on your teeth.

$110Buy It