‘The Godfather Family Album’: Spend Some Time With Your Favorite Family

by: Joseph On  Friday, August 2, 2013

The Godfather Family Album

The Godfather and at least one of its sequels are some of the richest films of all time thanks in large part to its characters, who at times can seem like real people rather than fictional creations. So it makes sense that fans of the film would want to grab The Godfather Family Album, which is full of behind-the-scenes photographs from photographer Steve Schapiro—who was given an impressive level of access on all three of the movies.

The Godfather Family Album isn’t just photos, though. There are also essays and interviews with people involved with the production of The Godfather and its sequels; however, the photos alone are probably worth the price of admission.

This is especially true since the price isn’t too bad, at just under $30. If you find yourself unable to refuse that offer, head to Amazon here, where you can place a pre-order for the book.