Steve McQueen Racing Jacket From Porsche

by: Joseph On  Monday, July 29, 2013

Steve McQueen Racing Jacket

Steve McQueen made his bones as a movie star but he’s also a legend in the automotive world. His films often included lots of interesting material for car buffs, and he was a race car driver as well as an actor. Porsche is now paying tribute to the departed legend, on the occasion of the company’s return to the Le Mans race next year, with the Steve McQueen Racing Jacket.

Modeled after 70s racing fashion, the Steve McQueen Racing Jacket’s most obvious McQueen-inspired touch is in the inner lining, which features a big image of Steve McQueen standing next to a Porsche race car. This means that when you put on the jacket, you can have Bullitt himself watching your back at all times.

Of course, prestige like this comes at a price, and the cost of the Porsche Steve McQueen Racing Jacket is set at around $500. You can buy yours from Porsche’s online store here.