55-Inch Curved OLED HD Samsung KN55S9 TV To Hit U.S. Market

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, July 24, 2013

55-Inch Curved OLED HD Samsung KN55S9 TV

The latest trend in HDTVs—or, more accurately, the future trend—is all in the curvature. Curved HDTVs offer a wider viewing angle and an experience more akin to a movie theater.

They’re all the rage in Korea and Japan, and now the curved, 55-inch Samsung KN55S9 OLED HDTV will be available for purchase on this side of the Atlantic. Value Electronics, in Scarsdale, New York, has placed an order for the TVs, and has announced they’ll be selling them for $14,999 each. Another dealer has placed an order as well, although it hasn’t yet become clear which dealer it is.

So the Samsung KN55S9’s curved viewing screen, built-in camera, multi-view function for watching two things at once (with special glasses), and more will be available to the richest people in America very soon. In a few years, though, we might all have one.