Controversial New Roxy Pro 2013 Ad Features Surfer Stephanie Gilmore (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, July 10, 2013
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Stephanie Gilmore Roxy Ad

Clothing brand Roxy built its name on their appeal with female athletes, particularly female surfers. But their latest campaign is rubbing some the wrong way because of its failure to depict any actual surfing.  And not only that, but you don’t even see Gilmore’s face in the “#WhoAmIJustGuess” branded commercial.

The subject of the ad is pro surfer Stephanie Gilmore, who is seen rolling around in bed almost naked, before suiting up and paddling out (among other things), but what you don’t see her doing is actually riding her surfboard. Some are calling this sexist, while others are just happy to see Gilmore in any context. You can read a rundown of the controversy here.

You can also check out the commercial for yourself below, and decide if you think it’s sexist or not. At the very least, it might inspire you to start paying more attention to professional surfing.