James Bond’s Lotus Esprit Submarine Car Going Up For Auction

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, July 9, 2013

James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine Car

Approximately one week ago we told you about the Watercar Panther, and lamented the fact that it couldn’t go under the water like James Bond‘s famous submersible automobile. Well, the market has spoken, and now the Lotus Espirit “Submarine Car” fromĀ The Spy Who Loved Me is going up for auction in September!

And no, this isn’t just a movie prop. It’s the actual, functioning submersible automobile featured in the movie. Of course, the movie version is equipped with weaponry like ship-to-air missiles, which probably won’t be found here. Still, it’s a car that drives underwater, so what more could you possibly ask for?

For more on the Lotus Espirit Series 1 Submarine Car, check out RM Auctions’ press release here. And if you want to snag the car for yourself, start saving up now, since there’s no telling how much it will go for come September.