9 Awesome Golf Bags

by: Joseph On  Monday, June 17, 2013
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Awesome Golf Bags

9 Awesome Golf Bags

If you’re a golfer, you know that the golf bag is the secret lynchpin of the whole golf arsenal. Your clothes, your shoes, and even your clubs pale in comparison to the impression made by a really sweet golf bag.

And a good golf bag has its practical benefits as well. They’re easier and more comfortable to carry (this is especially important if you don’t use a golf cart) than some budget golf bag you got out of a country club dumpster. So browse and enjoy this list of nine awesome golf bags, for the caddy inside all of us.


Anatomically-designed straps, special golf ball holders, and a bad weather cover are just three of the features to be found in the OGIO Ozone XX. There are also some happy little touches, like a magnetic scorecard holder for when you’re too angry at your clubs to keep score.

OGIO Syncro II

Pockets, pockets, pockets. That’s the name of the game with the OGIO Syncro II, and it includes a spring-powered zipperless golf packet for easier access than you’re used to. There’s also a pretty cool “isolation chamber” which allows you to put wet items in waterproof quarantine so they don’t get your other stuff all wet.

Ping Hoofer C-1

It’s helpful when the people designing your golf bag have the amount of walking you’ll be doing while using their products in mind. That’s obviously the case with the Hoofer C-1, even just from the name alone. But don’t assume that style is sacrificed for ease of use: It wouldn’t be a worthwhile golf bag if that were the case.

Taylor Made Pure-Lite 3.0

The third in the line of Pure-Lite golf bags from Taylor Made is the Pure-Lite 3.0. The Pure-Lite 3.0′s harness system and back pad make lugging this across the course not so bad after all, and the durability and quality are what you would expect from Taylor Made.

Callaway Warbird X

Word of warning: This golf bag from Callaway does not transform into a fully-functional stealth fighter jet, despite being called the Warbird X. But it does lots of other stuff, like including a special cooler pocket for water (or beer) to keep you hydrated while on the course.

Sun Mountain Four 5

The Sun Mountain Four 5, in addition to its meditative name, boasts features like its titular 4.5 pound weight, innovative front transfer handle, exceedingly comfortable carrying straps, and many more.

Nike SasQuatch

In the arena of golf bags, lightness is a huge asset, particularly if you’re lugging this thing all over the course all day. And at just 5.5 pounds, the SasQuatch from Nike weighs in as one of the lightest golf bags of its size in the game, if not the lightest. Even if you don’t appreciate this after the first hole, you definitely will after the 18th.

BagBoy Revolver Pro

Billed as “Swiss Army Knife of golf bags,” the Revolver Pro from BagBoy has all kinds of high tech features that put it above the rest of the pack. These features include “ShaftLock” technology that keeps your clubs from sliding around and firmly in place. It’s not quite as good as Al Czervik’s, but it’s close.

Nike Vapor X

What’s lighter than vapor? That’s the question behind the Nike Vapor X, one of the lightest of all golf bags, even among golf bags for which lightness is a high priority. How light? It’s under four pounds, but also durable and sporting plenty of storage space. Not a bad combination.