9 Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

by: Joseph On  Monday, June 10, 2013
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Father's Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, June 16th. And if you want to do something special for your old man, you better start planning now. But how? He probably isn’t like your mom, who will appreciate pretty much anything. No, it’ll take some real grade-A present mojo to crack your father’s hard emotional exterior.

So, even though I’ve (probably) never met your dad, here are nine Father’s Day gift ideas to help you do just that. And even if your dad doesn’t like what you got him for Father’s Day, he’s at least got to appreciate the effort, right? Right?

A Map

If there’s one thing that connects the dads of today with the dads of yesteryear, it’s maps. Globes, charts, compasses, sextants, sundials … all the tools of pre-smartphone navigation would make most dads beam with pride. Just don’t try to teach him how to use it, because he already knows.

Easy Chair

Not to get too stereotypical here, but lots of dads have learned the secret of life: Enjoyment of a good easy chair. They also may have a love/hate relationship with their current recliner – it makes too much noise, it’s not as soft as it used to be, it’s getting harder to close – so there’s usually room for an upgrade. Enter: You, the world’s greatest son!


If your dad ever paid for your beer-drinking habits (either directly or indirectly), maybe it might be time to return the favor. If your dad is the kind of who appreciates a good beer, it’s a cinch he’ll appreciate a good beer (or beers) as a Father’s Day gift. And maybe if you don’t tell your mom he’ll let you have a sip.


And to wash down with that beer, how about a nice luxury steak? Even if you live halfway around the world from Dad, there are still plenty of companies who provide for long-distance meat-gifting (they don’t call it that though, for obvious reasons). This is an especially good gift if your dad likes to cook, since he’ll have a pleasure grilling up some high-quality filet before drowning it in ketchup.

Something From His Childhood

They say “everything old is new again,” which means it should be easier than ever to blow your dad’s mind with a blast from the past this Father’s Day. Heard him lament the loss of his comic book collection? Get him a vintage comic book. Seen him wax nostalgic about Stretch Armstrong? You know what to do.

New Golf Club/Bowling Ball/Tennis Racket

Look, like I said before, I don’t know your dad. But there’s a good chance that whoever he is, he’s interested in at least one sport. And if you’re lucky, it’s a sport like golf or bowling that requires a fancy piece of equipment to play. They make great gifts that he’s sure to like, especially if you take the time to get them custom-fitted.

Any Piece Of Clothing But A Tie

Here’s an area where originality has the potential to really make a difference. For example, the single item most associated with Father’s Day gifts is the necktie. So much so that your dad has probably gotten so many neckties by this point that he has a stockpile of them. So consider a pair of shoes, or pants – hell, even a belt might impress for sheer uniqueness.

Restaurant Gift Card

A gift card for your mom might be a little gauche, but Dad should be able to appreciate it. But only if it’s a gift card for, you know, a place he actually goes to. And if you time it right, you might even get a free meal out of it. This is what we in the gifting industry call a “win-win scenario.”

A Phone Call

At the end of the day, just like with Mom, all your father might really want for Father’s Day is a phone call. Let him know you appreciate all he did for you, and that you’re thankful he’s still around. After all, isn’t that what Father’s Day is all about (read: you’re broke).