The Travel HoodiePillow: Your Solution To Airplane Nap Problems

by: Joseph On  Friday, May 10, 2013

Travel HoodiePillow

The main problem with your standard neck pillow is that it’s very difficult not to look like someone’s grandmother while wearing it. That problem has been solved with the Travel HoodiePillow, which is an inflatable pillow that looks (and acts) like a hoodie.

Having been developed as a pillowcase on the inventing reality show, Shark Tank, the inflatable Travel HoodiePillow is now ready for prime time. The hoodie component of the HoodiePillow also comes with a drawstring, so you can seal your head up tight on your next cross-country flight.

If you’re interested in acquiring a Travel HoodiePillow (or original HoodiePillow pillowcase) for yourself, head over to its website here, where they’re going for just under $20.