9 Best Dating Apps For Guys

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 9, 2013
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Best Dating Apps

9 Best Dating Apps For Guys

Mobile dating apps: Do people actually meet each other this way? Apparently the answer is yes, and more people are using them than ever before. As luck would have it, we’re here to help you out with some recommendations for the best and most popular dating apps for guys.

These apps range from being designed for casual flings to serious relationships. While I can’t promise that you’ll find your soul mate on any of them, I can promise that it’s possible. And that’s a guarantee!


Like all internet dating services, Badoo has its fair share of controversy. There’s a reported preponderance of spam accounts, for instance. But if you’re willing to put your nose to the grindstone, you just might find the girl of your dreams on here. Just tell people that you met through a service with a less-silly name.


One of the advantages that mobile dating apps have over regular old dating websites is the idea of location-specific dating. This means that instead of hooking up with a girl who lives in Anchorage while you’re chilling in Tampa, MeetMoi can hook you up with one of the girls you saw in the background in Magic Mike. Good luck.

OKCupid Crazy Blind Date

Perhaps you want to dispense with the formality altogether, and just meet someone, anyone, right now. Enter Crazy Blind Date by OKCupid. This app hooks you up with a similarly desperate–I mean, fun-loving individual for the blind date of your choosing. Fun! And not at all awkward!


Even if you’re already trapped in a wonderful marriage, it’s a cinch that you’ve heard of Zoosk thanks to their omnipresent ad campaign. Sure, the ads seem to be targeting women – but what better environment for a good guy to work his way into a lady’s heart?

Singles Around Me

Singles Around Me is another location-aware dating app that is designed to answer the age-old question: Where are all the singles at? The stated aim of the app is to provide users with the tools they need to make “chance encounters” that could lead to relationships. Questionable semantics aside, it might be a good fit for you.


There’s a certain image that pops into mind when you hear the word “date.” Two professional adults, sitting down for dinner in a fancy restaurant, maybe? But how often does that actually happen? HowAboutWe is more unorthodox in its approach to dating – you suggest a date, say, to the museum or something, and the fish start biting.


Tinder, a dating app exclusively for the iPhone, is one of the newer kids on the dating app block. And it’s almost more of a game than a dating app per se. Users scroll through potential matches and are asked to click “like” or “nope” based on a couple photos and mutual interests. Only then can the awkward messaging commence.


Tagged is another dating app that takes a more game-oriented approach to meeting people. It’s based around the types of games you see people playing on Facebook all the time, but with an added social component. Imagine telling your grandkids that you met their grandmother on Farmville!


MeetMe’s approach to online dating includes a virtual currency called “Lunch Money.” The creepiness of grown adults exchanging “Lunch Money” aside, this might be a good dating service for the the Wall Street Wolf in you. The mobile apps add to the fun, with real time chats and messaging delivered straight to your phone. Aw yeah.