Two Whiskey Bottles Salvaged From The SS Politician Up For Auction

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SS Politician Whiskey Bottles

In 1941, the SS Politician wrecked off the coast of Scotland while dragging, among other things in its cargo, 28,000 cases of whiskey. Since then, inhabitants of the nearby island of Eriskay have managed to salvage much of the buried treasure, but many of the bottles remain trapped under the sea.

That little bit of back-story will tell you why two whiskey bottles from the Politician would be so valuable today. How valuable? Online auction site Scotch Whisky Auctions has placed two of the bottles up for auction, and the winning bid is currently £2800, (or, roughly $4300).

You can check out the auction here. It runs until May 5th, but you do have to make an account to place a bid. This could be your chance to own some seriously rare liquor.