Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich Tested By Carl’s Jr.

by: Joseph On  Friday, April 26, 2013

strawberry pop-tart ice cream sandwich

Fast food chain Carl’s Jr. is testing out a product that should be familiar to you if you’ve ever been stuck with a craving and limited food items. It’s called the Strawberry Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich, made by splitting a strawberry Pop-Tart in half and sandwiching a scoop of strawberry ice cream in between the two pieces.

Hungry yet? The novelty is currently being test-marketed in Carl’s Jr. locations in California, but if it takes off there, it might just go nationwide. As for the health nuts out there, just look at it this way: At least it’s just one Pop-Tart that makes up the sandwich, and not two. And everybody eats Pop-Tarts two at a time anyway!

At $1.49, the Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich costs about the same as a standard ice cream sandwich. It’s not known if Carl’s Jr. is planning to test out other varieties of Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwiches, but I personally see a lot of potential in the chocolate fudge flavor.

Source: Fast Food Geek