‘Man Of Steel’: Weird New TV Spot Featuring Michael Shannon As Zod (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, April 15, 2013

Man of Steel TV Spot

Last night at the MTV Movie Awards, a weird new TV commercial for the upcoming Superman movie Man of Steel was released over the airwaves. I use the “airwaves” phrase intentionally, as the commercial is made to appear like a very static-y and distorted broadcast from Man of Steel‘s chief bad guy, General Zod (played by Michael Shannon).

The commercial takes the form of a message from Zod to Superman, to the effect of “do what I say or I will destroy humanity,” or something along those lines—you know, typical supervillain stuff.  But the strange presentation combined with Michael Shannon’s impressive performance does make it a little creepy.

You can see the ad, entitled “YOU ARE NOT ALONE,” for yourself below. Definitely worth checking out, particularly if you happen to be Superman.