Cannes 2013 VSOP Cognac From Rémy Martin

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Remy Martin Cannes

Cognac makers Rémy Martin have unveiled a new special limited edition cognac commemorating the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The Remy Martin Cannes 2013 VSOP Cognac joins Rémy Martin’s previous Cannes releases, and is a beverage for the drunk movie buff in all of us.

There will actually be two editions of the Cannes 2013 VSOP – the Rémy Martin VSOP Magnum Cannes Film Festival Limited Edition, which will be sold from select retailers, and the Rémy Martin VSOP 1L, Cannes Film Festival Limited Edition, which will only be available from major airports across the globe.

Keep your eyes on finer wine merchants and international airports near you for these two Rémy Martin cognacs celebrating the Cannes Film Festival.