The Lifesaver Jerrycan Prepares You For The Apocalypse

by: Joseph On  Monday, April 8, 2013

Lifesaver Jerrycan

Here’s a product for the readers out there who want to be prepared for just about any potential circumstance.  It’s the Lifesaver Jerrycan, and no, this doesn’t have anything to do with Life Saver candies.  Instead, it’s a literal saver of lives!

The Lifesaver Jerrycan can hold up to five gallons of the fluid of your choice: Water? Yes. Milk? Most definitely. Beer? Why not? But its most vital feature from a survivalist standpoint is its high-tech filtration system, which is said to be able to filter enough water for a family of four to survive for almost a year!

You can pick up a Lifesaver Jerrycan here for just $450.  And while it may seem like a waste of money right now, your family will thank you once the apocalypse arrives.