Get Your Big Break!: BlackBerry And Robert Rodriguez Present “Project Green Screen” (Videos)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, March 28, 2013

Robert Rodriguez Project Green Screen

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is known for his do-it-yourself approach to movies, often handling many of the major aspects of production (editing, shooting, scoring, etc.) himself. But for his new promotion sponsored by BlackBerry, he’s opening the field up to a large number of potential collaborators – including, of course, you.

That is, it includes you if you head to the Project Green Screen website here, where you can get all the details on how to enter the project. Basically, Rodriguez filmed a bunch of a new short filmscalled Two Scoops—with the aid of green screen technology, which will allow him to add fan-created components later on. Those components will come from all over the world, via online submissions through Project Green Screen.

You can see a couple of videos about the project below, including a trailer and a promotional video with Rodriguez.