25 Stylish Photos of the Duck Dynasty Cast Before and After the Beards

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, March 27, 2013

duck dynast before the beards

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty? The beards, obviously. According to an interview Jase Robertson did with Game & Fish, his dad Phil, the Duck Commander himself, started wearing a long grizzly beard for two reasons: because it kept him warm while huntin’ ducks, and because he wanted to stick it to anybody who dares judge a book by its cover. And, supposedly, that’s why Phil’s brother and sons also sport grizzly beards.

Of course, it just so happens that those beards are also tremendous branding tools. Now, any time people see a picture of a guy with a long bushy beard, they assume it must be one of the Duck Dynasty guys. The Duck Commander look is simply unmistakable.

However, did you ever wonder what the Robertsons all looked like before they grew their beards? Well, you’re about to find out. Click through this list to see a bunch of old Robertson family photos that show what the primary cast members of Duck Dynasty used to look like. (Hint: it’s kind of surprising.)


25. The Robertson Brothers as Kids

25 robertson brothers allan, willie, jep, and jase  - duck dynasty then and now

Here’s a nice family photo of the Robertson brothers long before they could even grow beards. And in case you’re confused, the tall one in the back is the oldest brother, Alan, who isn’t featured on the show. (Maybe he just can’t grow a beard?)


24. The Robertson Brothers as Adolescents

24 jase-willie-jep robertson - duck dynasty then and now

Here’s another one of the young Robertson brothers. This time it’s just the ones who appear on Duck Dynasty: Willie, Jep, and Jase.


23. The Robertson Brothers as Young Men

23 robertson brothers without beards  - duck dynasty then and now

And here is one more shot of the Robertson brothers, this time as young men. As you can see, oldest brother Alan is back in the picture, and they’re all holding golf clubs—not items you tend to associate with their reality TV show.


22. Jase Robertson Today

22 jase robertson  - duck dynasty then and now

Well, here is Jason “Jase” Robertson (aka the fit one) today. Now lets rewind a bit and see what he looked like in high school.


21. Jase and Missy Robertson at a High School Dance

21 jase and missy robertson high school  - duck dynasty then and now

As you have surely surmised, Jase and his wife of 20 years, Missy, were high school sweethearts…and huge nerds. Who’d have thunk?


20. Jase, Missy and Family

20 jase and missy robertson with kids on the beach  - duck dynasty then and now

This is crazy, isn’t it? Here, Jase looks like the head of a typical, clean-cut, All-American family. Today he looks like some guy you’d find at a biker bar.


19. Jase and Missy Today

19 jase and missy robertson

And to round things out, here is Jase and Missy today. She still looks clean-cut and wholesome, while he looks like he is trying out for the stage musical production of Castaway.


18. Jep Robertson Today

18 jep robertson duck dynast

Here is what Jules Jeptha “Jep” Robertson looks like today. However, believe it or not, the youngest member of the Duck Dynasty used to be quite the pretty boy…


17. Jep Robertson: Baby Face

17 jep robertson  - duck dynasty then and now

Look at that glamor shot? I bet this guy killed it with the ladies in high school.


16. Jep Robertson: Stud

16 jep robertson without beard  - duck dynasty then and now

And what’s this? Look at those abs and those guns. Jep Robertson was a fitness buff, too?


15. Jep Robertson and Family

15 jep and jessica robertson with kids on the beach  - duck dynasty then and now

How sweet is that? Apparently, the “family portraits on the beach in matching clothes” thing is a Robertson family tradition. So, too, is marrying gorgeous women and having adorable kids.


14. Jep and Jessica Robertson Today

14 jep and jessica robertson  - duck dynasty then and now

Jessica and Jep both look like movie stars today. It’s just that she looks like a hot one, and he looks like Zach Galifianakis.


13. Willie Robertson Today

13 willie robertson  - duck dynasty then and now

Today, William “Willie” Robertson looks more like a guy who builds custom Harleys than the CEO of a multimillion dollar company. But back in the day, this guy had All-American good looks…


12. Willie Robertson: Basketball Star

12 willie robertson basketball  - duck dynasty then and now

Willie was quite the athlete in high school, before he attained his current oversized physique.


11. Willie and Korie Roberton: the Early Years

11 willie and korie robertson  - duck dynasty then and now

Willie also did quite well with the ladies. Like his brother Jase, he and his wife Korie, the office manager at Duck Commander, were high school sweethearts.


10. Willie Robertson: The Mullet

10 willie robertson in college lsu  - duck dynasty then and now

In his college days, Willie was business in the front, party in the back. Today he’s party in the back, the front, the sides, the bottom, and pretty much everywhere else.


9. Willie, Korie and Family

9 willie and korie robertson beach - duck dynasty then and now

Like I said, the Robertsons have a thing for family portraits at the beach. As you can see, what makes this one particularly special is the fact that big burly Willie Robertson used to have frosted tips.


8. Willie and Korie Robertson Today

8 willie and korie robertson today - duck dynasty then and now

Today, Korie Robertson is as lovely as ever, while Willie is…well, Willie. Talk about an odd couple.


7. Si Robertson

6 si robertson today  - duck dynasty then and now

Anyone who watches the show knows that Silas Merritt Robertson, aka Uncle Si, is a Vietnam vet. The guy does nothing but tell stories, and we’ve all heard the origin of that blue cup. Still, it’s really hard to imagine this guy in the military and all clean-shaven, isn’t it?



6. Si Robertson: Military Man

7 uncle si in military uniform - duck dynasty then and now

From a guy who used to look like this to a guy who looks like the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski—that’s one hell of a transformation.


5. Duck Commander Phil Robertson

5 phil robertson today  - duck dynasty then and now

This, obviously, is what the patriarch of the Robertsons and founder of the Duck Dynasty looks like today. But what about when he was just a young lad?


4. Phil Robertson with a Buzz Cut

4 phil robertson duck commander  - duck dynasty then and now

As a boy, Phil had a clean-cut look, typical of the 1950s and early 60s. In fact, he kind of reminds me of Johnny Unitas, which is fitting because…


3. Phil Robertson: Star Quarterback

3 phil robertson football quarterback  - duck dynasty then and now

Phil Robertson was a star quarterback in high school and at Louisiana Tech, where he was ahead of some guy named Terry Bradshaw on the depth chart. Then, he even got drafted into the NFL…only, he decided he didn’t want to play pro football because it interfered with duck season.


2. Phil and Kay Robertson

2 phil and kay robertson high school  - duck dynasty then and now

As for Phil’s relationship with his wife, Kay? Well they, too, were high school sweethearts and quite the good-looking pair.



1. Phil and Kay Robertson Today

1 kay and phil robertson  - duck dynasty then and now

Well, Kay is still a lovely-looking woman. Her husband, meanwhile, looks like a member of ZZ Top.

If Phil and the gang really did decide to grow a grizzly beard just to prove a point about not judging books by their covers…well, mission accomplished. They’re all very lucky to have found women willing to put up with their high ethical standards.