The Drink Tanks Growler Keeps Your Beer Like It’s Supposed To Be

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 25, 2013

Drink Tanks Growler

We told you a few days ago about the TapIt Cap, which attaches to any standard growler and keeps your beer from going flat. It also transforms the growler into a small keg, thanks to a CO2 attachment. Now, there’s a new product that arguably does it one better, as it comes with a growler component that keeps your beer cold.

It’s called the Drink Tanks Growler, and thanks to its premium stainless steel construction, it looks pretty slick in addition to keeping your beer cold, fresh and bubbly.

You can buy a Drink Tanks Growler at their Kickstarter page here, where they start at $65. And it should be more widely available soon, as they’ve currently raised almost $100,000 more than their original fundraising goal. The lesson here: People sure do love cold, fresh beer.