9 Ridiculously Expensive Pairs Of Men’s “Luxury” Underwear

by: Joseph On  Friday, March 22, 2013

Most Expensive Underwear

9 Riduclously Expensive Pairs Of Mens Luxury Underwear 2

How much did you pay for the underwear you’re wearing right now? $5? $10? Do you even know? Well you may or may not be aware of the new trend of luxury underwear, where brands are charging anywhere from thirty, to forty, all the way up to a hundred dollars for a single pair!

Just what do you get for that kind of money? All kinds of cutting-edge underwear technology, for one. Of course, as with anything, a lot of people think the whole thing is just nonsense. But I don’t imagine people would spend $100 on a pair of underwear for nothing – or would they? Here are nine of the most expensive brands out there, so maybe you can decide for yourself.

Flint and Tinder Underwear

At around $22 a pair, this underwear from Flint and Tinder is the least expensive on the list. But that relatively low price tag is still a healthy sum for a pair of underwear, even if it is made from premium (and 100% American) materials.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Infinity Boxer Brief

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Infinity Boxer Brief

The Andrew Christian Almost Naked Infinity Boxer Brief’s killer app is its “Almost Naked pouch,” which is supposed to provide the holy underwear triumvirate of comfort, support, and a little bit of a visual “boost” (every little bit helps, am I right guys?). A pair costs around $34.

2(X)IST Gold Range

Each pair of the 2(X)IST Gold Range is 96% modal and 4% spandex, but the visual impression is 100% golden. There’s some nice metallic gold coloring on the waistband and in the stitching on the legs. But as any gold trader will tell you, this doesn’t come cheap: A pair costs around $35.

Bon Bon Bodywear Upgrade Gold Collection

More gold, this time from Bon Bon Bodywear. Some of the high-end features of this underwear are the super-comfortable modal fabric and sizable gold waistband. They also come with hanging metal tags so you can show off your brand with ease. Price: $39 a pair.

Naked Underwear

A pair of briefs or “trunks” from Naked (weird name for a clothing label, right?) costs just under forty bucks. But for that money you get a pair of underwear that’s supposed to “feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before.” I don’t know about you, but I am intrigued.

Icebreaker Underwear

At $40 a pair, the Icebreaker better be one comfortable pair of underwear. But even if it isn’t, perhaps its name provides a clue to its true purpose: A conversation starter. What better way to impress a stranger than telling her you spent $40 on your underwear?

Etiquette Clothiers Black Label Luxury Boxer Shorts

Etiquette Clothiers Black Label Luxury Boxer Shorts

These boxers from Etiquette Clothiers have the word “luxury” right in the name, so you know you’re going to have to pay at least $60 for a pair. But the luxury isn’t just marketing hype – it’s backed up by mother-of-pearl buttons and Sea Island cotton. The overall effect is one comfortable pair of boxers.

Frigo No. 1 Athletic Underwear

At $100 a pair, the Frigo No. 1 is generally considered some of the most expensive underwear on the market. One of its features is the adjustable “interior mesh pouch” that can be brought in or out to suit your individual, uh, needs. That kind of personalization is worth at least $100, right?

UNDER Underwear Parker Boxer Briefs

UNDER Underwear Parker Boxer BriefWhy does a pair of UNDER Underwear Parker Boxer Briefs cost $160? It isn’t the luxurious waffle knit fabric, or the high-end engineering for comfort and performance (although that stuff is probably good for a decent percentage of the price tag). No, it’s the 9-carat gold buttons that really put this underwear over the top.