Hater App Lets You Share What You Hate With Your Loved Ones

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 11, 2013
Tags:  Hater   Instagram   Jake Banks   Mobile Apps  


It’s long been observed that social media sites like Facebook allow you to “like” things to your heart’s content, but there is no option for tacitly expressing your DISapproval of a certain item on your timeline. Now, there’s a somewhat workable alternative in the form of the new Hater mobile app.

The Hater app lets you post and share photos and uploads of things you simply do not like. It’s described by the app’s CEO Jake Banks as “Instagram for everything you hate.”

Sound appealing? You can get Hater now as a free iOS app here, and an Android equivalent is set to drop in the near future. Ah … refreshing Haterade.