“AK47″ Collection By Mark McNairy For Heather Grey Wall

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, March 6, 2013

AK47 Collection

Designer Mark McNairy is teaming up again with fashion label Heather Grey Wall for a new collection, dubbed “AK47.” The questionably-tasteful collection is made up of three pieces, all bearing patterns with scattered AK-47 assault rifles as the chief visual imprint.

The three pieces in the AK47 collection are a hoodie, a cap, and a pair of shorts, all in heather gray jersey material emblazoned with the aforementioned assault rifle visual.

If you’re hoping to go postal in the purely fashionable sense, you can head to online stores like this one, where the pieces in the collection go from $120 for the cap, to $282 for the hoodie (the shorts cost $256). Happy hunting!