The 30 Most Viewed Videos On YouTube

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 4, 2013

Most Viewed YouTube Videos

most-viewed youtube videos

Let’s be honest – YouTube has to be one of the greatest websites in the history of the internet. Whether you’re a fan of local news bloopers, obscure straight-to-video genre films, what our parents and grandparents would have called “home movies” but we call “viral videos,” or anything else in the “moving image” category, YouTube has more content than you could ever actually watch.

But here are the videos on YouTube that have made the biggest splash. Since the site’s inception, these are the clips that have amassed the most views, making them the most popular on the site. There are some obvious choices, and some surprises, so get clicking! Everybody else is doing it, why not you?


"Price Tag"

You’ll find that the vast majority of the most popular videos on YouTube are music videos, probably because of promotion from the artist and the song’s exposure in other places. The 30th most popular video on YouTube is in fact a music video: “Price Tag” by Jessie J. Cool.

"Tootin' Bathtub Baby Cousins"

Yeah, this is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. 254 million views on YouTube. There you have it.

"Only Girl (In The World)"

If you’re browsing a slide show of the most popular videos on YouTube, get ready to see a lot of Rihanna. Her song “Only Girl (In The World)” has 266 million views and counting.


"Give Me Everything"

“Give Me Everything” is the first Pitbull song to crack the top 30 most viewed YouTube videos of all time. Which, if you think about it, makes it the least popular Pitbull song on the list. Food for thought.


Just The Way You Are

Why is the video for Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” popular enough to get 282 million views on YouTube? In addition to the popularity of the song, it also has some really cool animated visuals.



The 25th most popular YouTube video of all time belongs to Bruno Mars, with the video for his song “Grenade.” It’s got more than 288 million views, so it won’t matter if you watch it now.


What's My Name?

Rihanna’s next (but not last) appearance in the 30 most popular YouTube videos is for her song “What’s My Name” featuring Drake. Together, the two powerhouses have brought in 295,146,855 YouTube views and counting.


"오빤 딱 내 스타일"

The second most popular YouTube video by Korean rapper PSY is called “오빤 딱 내 스타일.” I’m not sure what that translates to, but the video appears to be a remake of “Gangnam Style” with a happy female vocalist named “HYUNA.” It does not have that guy in the yellow suit and sunglasses, so I consider this a serious downgrade from the original.


"The Gummy Bear Song"

The (second) most annoying video in the top 30 is also the first to crack 300 million views. I wonder how many of those 300 million led to actual purchases of “The Gummy Bear Album.”


"One Time"

Here we have the first Justin Bieber video in the top 30, with 315 million views. It has Usher calling the Bieb on the phone and Bieber answering with “yo, Usher” so I can definitely see why it’s so popular.


"Super Bass"

What can you say about Nicki Minaj or her most popular YouTube video “Super Bass”? For one, it has almost 320 million YouTube views. I guess that’s enough.


"Party In The U.S.A. "

Miley Cyrus must be some kind of marketing genius. People love parties, and people love the U.S.A. So the real surprise here is that the video for “Party in the U.S.A.” doesn’t have MORE than almost 322 million views on YouTube.


"What Makes You Beautiful"

Everything I know about One Direction comes from my 14-year-old sister, and I tend to tune out whenever they come up in conversation. But suffice it to say, they’re so hot right now, with this (their most popular on YouTube) video having gotten over 340 million views so far.



The most popular Katy Perry video on YouTube is the one for her song “Firework,” which you may have heard. It has well over 350 million YouTube views, so it’d be kind of weird if you hadn’t. Anyway, you have now.


"Never Say Never"

Another Justin Bieber track, another 360 million YouTube views and counting. If he had a nickel for every one of them, he’d be about as rich as he is anyway.


Somebody That I Used To Know

Did the makers of this video for the Gotye song “Somebody That I Used To Know” expect it to become a YouTube sensation? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped it from accumulating almost 380 million views.


"Rolling In The Deep"

I guess it’s a matter of debate which one of Adele’s songs is the best, but there’s no question over which is her most popular (on YouTube, anyway): With over 380 million views, it’s “Rolling In The Deep.”


"Rain Over Me"

Pitbull enlisted the help of Marc Anthony for his song “Rain Over Me,” the video for which has more than 390 million YouTube views. Nice work, fellows.


"Not Afraid"

Almost cracking the 400 million view mark is Eminem with his song “Not Afraid.” What is he not afraid of? Everything!


"Call Me Maybe"

You might remember this unavoidable pop juggernaut from about a year ago. It’s still going strong, at 417 million views and counting. I have no commentary to add because I don’t want the song to get stuck in my head again.


"Danza Kuduro"

Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro” is a true international sensation, having become one of the most popular videos on YouTube (now with almost 430 million views) and been remade for the movie Fast Five.


"Ai Se Eu Te Pego "

I don’t know what this is, but apparently a bunch of people do, since it has more than 484 million views on YouTube. I listened to some of it, it’s very catchy.


"Bad Romance"

Pop weirdo Lady Gaga owes a fair amount her her success to YouTube, and “Bad Romance” is her most popular song on the site. How popular? As of this writing, 510,518,737 views.


Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

Here’s a video from artist Shakira, made in commemoration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. People sure do love soccer, huh?


"Charlie bit my finger - again !"

This adorable video happens to be the most popular non-music-video on the site, with over 500,000,000 views so far (you can even buy “Charlie Bit Me” t-shirts). The number of parents who have encouraged their children to bite each other so they could have a piece of Charlie’s fame and fortune remains incalculable.


"Party Rock Anthem"

Let’s just be thankful the video for this infectious earworm isn’t at number 1, OK? We have to be thankful for the smaller mercies if we’re going to make it out of here alive.


"Love The Way You Lie"

Eminem and Rihanna are two of the most popular recording artists of the decade. So it figures when they collaborated on a song it would hit the highest levels of YouTube popularity with more than half a billion views so far. The fact that it’s catchy as hell probably didn’t hurt either.


"On The Floor"

What is it about this music video from Jennifer Lopez that makes it the third most popular in the history of YouTube? The answer is simple: Pitbull.



Justin Bieber could probably release a YouTube video of himself browsing YouTube and it would create an internet sensation. But his most popular video to date is for his song “Baby” feat. Ludacris, with well over 800,000,000 views.. I happen to prefer the Iggy Pop song “Baby,” but that’s just me.


"Gangnam Style"

If you haven’t watched the video for “Gangnam Style” by now, it’s probably because you’re actively avoiding it. But the thing is, even if you think you’re too cool to watch the currently most-viewed (with almost 1.4 BILLION views) YouTube video of all time, you aren’t.