Titanic II: Australian Billionaire Clive Palmer Plans Launch of Replica In 2016

by: Joseph On  Friday, March 1, 2013
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Titanic II

In an endeavor that may set a new standard for hubris, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has announced his intention to launch Titanic II, a replica of the doomed ship that crashed into an iceberg back in 1912.

Palmer has released blueprints for the Titanic II, which will seek to replicate the luxury and opulence of the original Titanic, while also providing its ultra-rich passengers with every modern convenience to come out in between 1912 and 2016.

Hopefully, the Titanic II will also be a little more successful in reaching its destination on time than the original ship. Expect more details about how to get a ticket on the Titanic II in the coming months and years. Or you could play the safe bet and travel by plane – much safer.