50 Stylish Celebrity Yearbook Photos: Guys Edition

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, February 27, 2013
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celebrity yearbook photos

Our culture is obsessed with celebrities. It has been for years. Of course, back in the day the obsession was born out the fact that the lives of these people seemed glamorous and idyllic. There were a handful of incredibly famous movie stars, and everyone wanted to be like them because it seemed they lived like the gods on Mount Olympus.

Today, not only has the very notion of “celebrity” been extended to almost anyone thanks to reality television, social media, and sex tapes, but we now know for a fact that these people are just as messed up (and often more so) than us. Strangely, this has only increased our appetite for celebrity gossip. Apparently the only thing better than fantasizing about the glamorous lives of big-shot hollywood movie stars is knowing that they are just like you and me—because that means it could happen to us!

Anyway, since we all like to be reminded that celebrities were once regular human beings just like everybody else, today we present you with this list of celebrity yearbook photos. We regular folk aren’t the only ones who had to endure puberty, high school, and bad haircuts. Celebrities went through it, too.

Well, everyone except Matthew McConaughey. Even back then that guy was pretty suave.


50. Jason Alexander

50 jason alexander (livingstone high school class of 1977) - celebrity yearbook photos

George Costanza with hair? Weird.


49. Channing Tatum

49 channing tatum (gaither high school and tampa catholic high class of 1998) - celebrity yearbook photos

The funny thing is that it was Channing Tatum’s sister who was voted most likely to become a stripper.

(That’s a joke. I don’t know if he even has a sister.)


48. Matt Lauer

48 matt lauer (greenwich high school 1975) - celebrity yearbook photos

If Matt Lauer and Al Roker were friends in high school, and Roker admitted to pooping his pants, do you think Lauer would have stuck by his bro?


47. Rick Santorum

47 rick santorum (butler area high school and carmel high school class of 1976) - celebrity yearbook photos

Do you think Rick Santorum was as conservative back in high school as he is today? Judging by this yearbook photo, I’m going to say yes.


46. Zac Effron

46 Zac Effron (Arroyo Grande High School Class of 2006) - celebrity high school yearbook photos

I doubt singing and dancing through the halls of his actual high school would have made Zac popular the way it did in his fictional high school in all those Disney musicals.


45. Jeff Bridges

45 jeff bridges (university high school class of 1967) - celebrity yearbook photos

Here’s “The Dude” himself, all clean-cut and stoic.


44. Louis CK

44 louis ck (newton high school class of 1985) - celebrity yearbook photos

If you think you may have gone to high school with this comedian, you’re going to want to look for him under “S” in your yearbook. His actual name is Louis Szekely.


43. Shia LeBeouf

43 shia lebeouf (alexander hamilton high school class of 2004) - celebrity yearbook photos

You tell me: based on this picture, do you think Shia was a cool kid or a spaz in middle school?


42. Chris Christie

42 chris christie (livingston high school class of 1980) - celebrity yearbook photos

Here’s New Jersey governor Chris Christie, long before he discovered his love of donuts.


41. Chace Crawford

41 Chace Crawford (Trinity Christian Academy Class of 2003) - celebrity yearbook photos

Check out Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford, rocking the Abercrombie and a sweet choker necklace. What a kickass dude, huh?


40. Steve-O

40 Steve-O (American High School in London Class of 1992) - celebrity yearbook photos

I’m sure all his classmates figured this kid would get rich from performing dangerous and disgusting stunts on MTV’s Jackass. 


39. Stanley Tucci

39 stanely tucci (john jay high school class of 1978) - celebrity yearbook photos

Voted most likely to be that one guy in all those movies whose name you can never remember.


38. Harrison Ford

38 harrison ford (maine east high school class of 1960) - celebrity yearbook photos

Harrison Ford graduated from high school in 1960, just before all those hippies came along with their long hair and their devil-may-care attitude.


37. Paul Rudd

37 paul rudd (shawnee mission west class of 1987) - celebrity yearbook photos

Paul Rudd didn’t run from the Jewfro. He embraced it…and the popped collar.

God I loved the 80s.


36. Owen Wilson

36 owen wilson (st. mark's school class of 1986) - celebrity yearbook photos

Until he broke his nose as gave his face the “character” it needed for him to become a famous movie star, Owen Wilson was destined for a life in the military.


35. Robert Downey Jr.

35 robert downy jr (santa monica high school class of 1982) - celebrity yearbook photos

You know Robert Downey Jr. was one of the cool kids. I mean, the kid’s house was always full of drugs. (Seriously, just read his wikipedia entry.)


34. Jimmy Fallon

jimmy fallon yearbook photo

What’s crazy is that this was the exact same hairdo Jimmy Fallon had when he was on Saturday Night Live.


33. Denzel Washington

33 denzel washington (oakland military academy and mainland high school class of 1971) - celebrity yearbook photos

Who would have thought this kid would go on to become one of the greatest and best-looking actors of his generation?


32. Alec Baldwin

32 alec baldwin (alfred g. berner high school class of 1976) - celebrity yearbook photos

I could have said this was Alec, Daniel, Billy, or Stephen and you probably would have believed me. Seriously, though, this is Alec.


31. James Franco

31 James Franco (Palo Alto High School Class of 1996) - celebrity high school yearbook photos

Voted most likely to be one of the only Oscars hosts considered worse than Seth MacFarlane.


30. John Mayer

30 john mayer (fairfield high school class of 1985) - celebrity yearbook photos

Voted mostly likely to sleep with every hot chick in Hollywood, despite being a complete d-bag.


29. Jeremy Lin

29 Jeremy Lin (Palo Alto High School Class of 2006) - celebrity high school yearbook photos

If you told his middle school classmates that Jeremy Lin would end up with a degree in Economics from Harvard, they probably would have been like, yeah, that sounds about right.

Of course, they probably would also have believed you if you said he’d play in the NBA. The kid was pretty good at a very early age.


28. Brad Pitt

brad pitt yearbook photo

Behold, the boy who would become the “sexiest man alive.”


27. Orlando Bloom

27 orlando bloom (king's school canterbury class of 1989) - celebrity yearbook photos

This kid is married to Miranda Kerr. Ridiculous.


26. Rush Limbaugh

26 rush limbaugh (cape girardeau centra high school class of 1969) - celebrity yearbook photos

Just look at that turtle neck. I bet Rush Limbaugh was a pompous blow-hard even in high school.


25. Tom Cruise

25 tom cruise - celebrity yearbook photos

Voted most likely to join a cult.

Nailed it!


24. Kanye West

24 kanye west (polaris high school class of 1995) - celebrity yearbook photos

This nerdy-looking kid got Kim Kardashian pregnant.


23. Usher

23 Usher (Haynes Bridge Middle School Class of 1992) - celebrity yearbook photos

Poor little Usher always assumed he would grow into those big ears.


22. George W. Bush

22 george w. bush (phillips academy class of 1964) - celebrity yearbook photos

“Hah, my dad’s a rich Texas oilman and I’m gonna be President. Awesome.”


21. Ice Cube

21 ice cube (taft high school class of 1987) - celebrity yearbook photos

There’s so much to love about this photo—the Jheri curl, the pink stripes, the popped collar, the pirate-style earring. Ice Cube was one cool mother.


20. Matthrew McConaughey

20 matthew mcconaughey (longview high school class of 1987) - celebrity yearbook photos

Man, even in high school Matthew McConaughey was a good-looking guy. It’s really not fair.


19. Bruce Willias

19 bruce willis (penns grove class of 1973) - celebrity yearbook photos

John McLean looks so funny with long hippie hair.


18. Charlie Sheen

18 Charlie Sheen (Santa Monica High School Class of 1983) - celebrity yearbook photos

Charlie Sheen and Robert Downey Jr. were just a year apart at Santa Monica High School. You gotta think those two partied pretty hard together.


17. Jerry Seinfeld

17 jerry seinfeld (massapequa high class of 1972) - celebrity yearbook photos

Now there’s a cool cat.


16. Sean Penn

16 sean penn (santa monica high school class of 1978) - celebrity yearbook photos

Sean Penn’s high school yearbook photo looks exactly like the character he played in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I guess he was typecast.


15. Barack Obama

15 barack obama (punahou school class of 1979) - celebrity yearbook photos

Obama is the first American president to have embraced the leisure suite.


14. Snoop Dogg

14 snoop dog lion (long beach polytechnic high schoo class of 1989) - celebrity yearbook photos

Is it must me, or does Snoop look a little like Michael Jordan?


13. The Situation

13 mike sorrentino (the situation) (manalapan high school class of 1999) - celebrity yearbook photos

Just like Mike Sorrentino here, I graduated high school in 1999. And let me tell you, this haircut was not cool back then.


12. Prince

12 prince (central high school class of 1976) - celebrity yearbook photos

Honestly, this doesn’t even look like Prince. I’m just trusting the internet on this one. What do you think?


11. Matt Damon

11 matt damon (cambridge ridnge and latin school class of 1988) - celebrity yearbook photos

Matt Damon graduated high school in 1988. One year before that, Patrick Swayze starred in a very popular film called Dirty Dancing. Clearly that had a big impact on Matt’s personal style.


10. Steve Buscemi

10 steve buscemi (valley stream central high school class of 1975) - celebrity yearbook photos

Steve Buscemi wasn’t quite as strange-looking in high school as he is today.


9. Eminem

9 Eminem (Lincoln High School Class of 1989) - celebrity high school yearbook photos

You can see the crazy in Marshal Mathers’s eyes even here.


8 George Clooney

8 george clooney yearbook photo - celebrity yearbook photos

This kid grew up to become the coolest man on the planet who gets to chose whatever hot model he wants to be his girlfriend.


7. Jamie Foxx

7 jamie foxx (terrell high school class of 1985) - celebrity yearbook photos

And you thought Ice Cube looked awesome in Jheri curl.


6. Marilyn Manson

6 marilyn manson (glenoak high school class of 1987) - celebrity yearbook photos

Seriously, this is Marilyn Manson. Only back in Canton, Ohio, during high school, he was just named Brian. Brian Hugh Warner.


5. Russell Brand

5 russell brand (grays school media arts college and italia conti academy class of 1993) - celebrity yearbook photos

Hey, is that Perez Hilton?

No, it’s Russell Brand…


4. Perez Hilton

4 perez hilton (belen jesuit preparatory class of 1996) - celebrity yearbook photos

This is Perez Hilton…with awesome hair.


3. Lil Jon

3 lil jon (frederick douglass high school class of 1989) - celebrity yearbook photos

Yep, that’s Lil Jon—just without the dreds, tattoos, or platinum grill.


2. Anthony Weiner

2 anthony weiner (brooklyn tech high school class of 1981) - celebrity yearbook photos

When I first saw this picture, I thought no way is that Anthony WeinerThat is a woman. But it is Anthony Weiner. Before the former Congressman tweeted a picture of his dong he tweeted this ridiculous photo from his high school yearbook.


1. Ryan Seacrest

1 ryan seacrest (dunwoody high school class of 1992) - celebrity yearbook photos

This kid is a millionaire TV and radio host who is dating Julianne Hough. So don’t dispair, dorky chunky kids.