9 Of The Most Expensive Digital Cameras On Earth

by: Joseph On  Friday, February 22, 2013

Most Expensive Digital Cameras

most expensive digital cameras

Digital photography is a hobby that has become incredibly cheap and easy in recent years. Pretty much all you need to get into it is a cell phone camera, an Instagram account, and a dirty bathroom mirror. But for the more discerning digital photog, there’s the kind of high-end product you can only get by coughing up absurd sums of money.

That’s the kind of person these 9 digital cameras would appeal to the most. They’re not necessarily the best (although I wouldn’t bet against them), but 9 of the most expensive digital cameras out there right now. Just remember to take the lens cap off after you spend all that money, OK?


Nikon D4 Digital SLR Camera - $6,000

The D4 is a professional grade camera with the (relatively) affordable price tag of $6,000. It’s also a favorite of artists working in multiple media, as it can connect to a host of different devices for an array of different functions. It can also take quick shots at the rate of 11 frames per second thanks to Nikon’s EXPEED3 processor.


Leica M9 18MP Digital Rangefinder Camera - $7,000

Leica is one of the most revered brands in all of photography, and the M9 is one of their most popular models. This particular camera will run you about seven grand – but as you’ll see, that’s actually a bargain compared to one particularly tricked out M9. This one is pretty slick, though, and it’s billed as the “smallest full frame digital camera in the world.”


Pentax 645D 40MP Digital SLR Camera - $10,000

The Pentax 645D is what’s called a “medium format” camera. This means it’s ideal for larger print sizes, as it can capture a range of resolution and detail that other cameras aren’t equipped for. You better be serious about your pictures if you want one, though, as this one will cost you about $10,000.


Canon EOS-1D Mark III SLR Digital Camera - $12,000

Some cameras are prized for their durability, or their size. But the EOS-1D’s claim to fame is its speed. Everything from the camera’s frame rate, to features like video display and FireWire are designed with maximum speed as the primary goal. And it costs $12,000, so this might be a fast way to max out your credit card.


Leica M9 Titanium - $29,000

Remember that “tricked out” Leica I mentioned earlier? This is it. It’s a special edition of the popular Leica M9, produced in collaboration with legendary auto designer Walter de’Silva. The normal M9 is no slouch in the price department at around $7,000 – but this Titanium edition is worth more than four times that much, thanks to its top-of-the-line titanium casing (as well as its inherent prestige as a limited edition).


Leica S2-P Camera - $30,000

Now we’re getting into the REALLY expensive stuff. The Leica S2-P costs thirty grand without any fancy titanium casing. What it does have instead is the high-tech features and dependable performance photographers all over the world expect from Leica. So it’s no big surprise that this is considered one of the most popular high-end cameras for serious camera users.


Panoscan MK-3 Digital 360 Degree Panoramic Camera - $40,000

Panoscan MK-3 Camera

Sure, you can get 360-degree photos with your iPhone now. But do you think the professionals do that? They use stuff like the Panoscan MK-3, which can not only take flat 360-degree panoramic shots in under eight seconds, but is compatible with virtual reality technology as well. Which is probably why it’s in use by people in the military and law enforcement. They can also afford to spend the $40,000 the MK-3 costs.


Phase One P65+ - $40,000

Equipped with 65 MP resolutions and a full frame 645 sensor, the Phase One P65+ is one of the best medium-format cameras on the market. It’s also, as you might guess, one of the most expensive. It goes for around $40,000, the bulk of which goes to pay for that high-resolution sensor.


Hasselblad H4D-200MS Digital Camera - $45,000

With a brand name like “Hasselblad,” you just know it’s going to be way too expensive for you to afford. This particular model goes for about $45,000. And one of the reasons digital photographers are willing to pay that much because of the H4D-200MS’ True Focus Absolute Position Locks, which is basically the most technologically advanced auto-focus on the planet.