20 Lame But Popular Instagram Hashtags

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, February 20, 2013
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lame instagram hashtags

Hashtags are a really amazing way for ideas, opionions, jokes, and trends to spread across social media services like Twitter and Instagram. However, for every clever, funny, or useful hashtag like #iHaveNoLoveFor, #winning, or #SuperBowl, there are a hundred really stupid, lame hashtags. And today we’re going to take a look at 20 of the most popular yet lame hashtags on Instagram.

What makes them lame? Well, in some cases, they’re lame because they are the result of people being idiots and not understanding how a hashtag should work. In other cases they’re lame simply because, while effective, they just direct you to dumb subject matter. But of course, you may have totally different ideas of what lameness is—maybe you think I’m lame, which is reasonable. So if you have other thoughts on lame Instagram hashtags, please chime in after you check out my list.Speaking of which, here you go…


20. #music

20 #music - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 19,086,793 photos

There’s nothing really wrong with “music” as a subject matter for photos. But when it takes you to pics people post in an attempt to look like hip, in-the-know music aficionados who hang out as record stores perusing vinyl, or of doofuses trying to look cool holding guitars? Yeah…ugh.


19. #sun

19 #sun - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 35,167,870 photos

35 million people put a filter on a picture of the sun, post it on Instagram, and think they’re artistic visionaries. Wonderful.

Of course, the sun isn’t the only popular but lame hashtag inspired by heavenly things…


18. #sky

18 #sky - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 42,581,148 photos

I’ll admit, some of the photos tagged with “sky” on Instagram are quite beautiful. But the rest are like this. And anway, even if the pics are beautiful, how many images of the sky—something 99.9% of the human population sees every day—do we need? (Answer: forty-two and a half million, apparently.)


17. #clouds

17 #clouds - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 15,538,035 photos

Yeah, that’s right. Take a picture of an ordinary set of clouds, oversaturate and crank up the contrast, and it’s totally artsy. Thanks, guys. Great stuff. I’ve never seen clouds like these, and this photo really captures the majesty.


16. #fun

16 #fun #cute - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 42,535,331 photos

Guess who has ten fingers and doesn’t care what Paris Hilton thinks is “fun”?

The guy typing this.


15. #hair

15 #hair - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 29,890,730 photos

Oh yeah, sure, you’re hair is soooo amazing. Nobody has ever seen hair like that before. You should totally post a picture of it on Instagram. And make sure to tag it “hair,” so we can all just scroll through and compare the hairdos and determine that yours is, without a doubt, the most amazing.


14. Colors

14 #blue - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 23,361,923 photos (blue), 23,327,961 photos (pink), 19,748,305 photos (red)

Seriously? Colors? Are there really people out there who see a photo on Instagram tagged with the name of a color who then click on that tag to look at other photos tagged with that color?

“Hey Bob, what’s your favorite kind of art?”


“No, I mean, like, oil paintings, sculptures, pastel drawings?”

“Just blue. Anything blue is my favorite.”


13. #photooftheday

13 #photooftheday - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 87,803,250 photos

This hashtag would actually be cool if other people somehow got to apply it. Like, you see a cool photo, and you tag is as “photooftheday,” thereby suggesting it to others. Unfortunately, that’s not how hashtags work. People tag their own crap, which means some idiot who thinks his filtered photo of a replica of Michelangelo’s David in a piazza in Florence is amazing and calls it the #photooftheday.


12. #life

12 #life - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 26,459,697 photos

In theory, a hashtag like #life provides an opportunity to funny or insightful commentary on the nature of being. In actuality it provides people a forum for sharing their cliched “deep thoughts.”


11. #love

11 #love - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 187,770,237 photos

This is the #1 hashtag on Instagram. And while is it sometimes apt (as it is with this photo), most of the time you’ll get pictures of puppies or cheese danishes. So yeah, the term is just a bit watered down.


10. #night

10 #night - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 18,925,080 photos

#nightsky? Sure. #nightout? Yep, that works. #CrazyNight, #nightowl, or #AwesomeNight? All those make sense. But simply #night? That’s vague and lame.


9. #art

9 #art - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 22,217,989 photos

Yes, this is exactly what I think of when I hear the word “art.” Not the Sistine Chapel, or Picaso’s Guernica, but a pastel drawing of a fruit basket, or maybe a grainy black and white photo of a snowy tree you saw on your way to work.


8. #bored

8 #bored - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 28,875,859 photos

Shouldn’t pretty much every single photo on Instagram be tagged #bored?


7. #food

7 #food - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 36,308,860 photos

I’m not saying I’ve never put a photo of food on social media. But usually when I do it, the food is at least remarkable—you know, like a deep-fried stick of butter, or something crazy off the secret menu at In-N-Out Burger.

Toaster waffles? Nobody needs to see this. And yet there are about 15,000,00o photos like this on Instagram.


6. #photo

6 #photo - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 22,167,494 photos

Yes, we know. Everything on Instagram is a photo. You don’t need to tag it as such…and yet 22 million photos have been tagged #photo.


5. #best

5 #best - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 13,498,635 photos

Now we get into a string of lame hashtags that are the result of people not really understanding how hashtags actually work. You see, a hashtag should be kind of specific—#BestPizza, or #BestMovieEver. If instead you tag a photo “#best #friends” or “#best #day #ever” or, as the person responsible for this photo did, “#best #smoothie,” the result will be nonsensical. Thus there are over 13 million photos tagged simply #best. Best what? Who knows.


4. #my

4 #my (love of my life) - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 25,545,708 photos

Here’s one that’s even worse then #best. I mean, at least with #best you think, well, whatever it is it will be good. But the word “my” has absolutely no meaning out of context, which means it’s a meaningless hashtag. And yet, because people tag photos like this as “#love #of #my #life” (no joke), hashtags like #my become extremely popular.


3. #i

3 #i - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 15,220,313 photos

Seriously, over 15 million photos on Instagram are tagged with #i. This one, for example, was tagged #i #love #my #fans, rather than #ilovemyfans, which would actually make sense.


2. #onedirection

2 #onedirection - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 24,626,640 photos

Of all the proper names, movies, bands, actors, and artists out there in the world, only 2 are in the top 100 hashtags on Instagram. And no, the other one is not something reasonable like #Rihanna or #KateUpton. It’s…


1. #harrystyles

1 #harrystyles - lame popular instagram hashtags

Tagged: 13,241,766 photos

The only individual to crack the top 100 Instagram hashtags is One Direction singer Harry Styles. That is just about the silliest thing I’ve ever heard, so it takes the title as “lamest Instagram hashtag” if you ask me.