25 Celebrities at the 2013 NBA All-Star Game

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, February 19, 2013

celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

The NBA All-Star Game may be as pointless and boring as all the other All-Star games, but the NBA at least has something all the others do not: a serious party vibe thanks in large part to the boatload of celebrities. I’m not sure whether it’s just the strong cultural connection between basketball and hip hop culture, or a concerted effort on behalf of the league to get famous people involved in the festivities, but you can’t deny the star power of the NBA All-Star Game.

So today we’re going to take a look at the stars who were spotted in Houston over the long weekend, partying with other celebs and basketball players. I don’t know if I’d ever pay to attend an NBA All-Star Game for the actual game, but I’d definitely consider spending the weekend in the host city and partying like a pro some time.


2 Chainz

2 chainz - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Tauheed Epps, aka 2 Chainz, probably isn’t a household name in many or most parts of America. But he certainly has more studio albums (3), Grammy nominations (3), and money (infinite) than me.

Of course, he’s also got more legal troubles. Chainz was recently arrested in Maryland on his way to a gig and cited with marijuana possession.

Hard to believe, right?



wale - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Wale is another rapper who isn’t exactly a superstar. But he is 7 years younger than 2 Chainz (28 versus 35), so he’s got a lot more time. And anyway, it’s not like a couple of BET Award wins and a Grammy nomination in 2013 aren’t worth anything. The guy may still become a superstar yet.


Trey Songz


This three-time Grammy nominee was in Houston for the All-Star Game. Unfortunately, he left his judgment in clothes back in LA, because this is the goofy getup he wore to the game. Maybe I just don’t understand fashion, but this ensemble just doesn’t make any sense to me.


Terrence Jenkins

terrance jenkins - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

It seems kind of weird to call a guy who covers celebrity news for a living a celebrity, but there’s Terrence Jenkins of E! News playing in the celebrity game, so he must be a “celebrity.”

And who is that on his back? Well it’s Terrence’s former co-worker from BET’s 106 & Park


Rocsi Diaz

rocsi - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Rocsi was on 106 & Park on BET with Terrence Parker from 2006-2012. However, both now have new, competing gigs. Parker, of course, is on E! News, while Diaz is now a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight. Luckily, as we saw in the last photo, the two are still good pals.


Swizz Beatz

swizz beatz - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Is it just me, or are Swizz Beatz and his lovely wife everywhere these day?


Alicia Keys

alicia keys - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

See what I mean? First she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, now here she is performing at halftime of the NBA All-Star Game. It seems American sports fans just can’t get enough Alicia right now.



Shannon-Brown-Monica-and-Trinidad-James - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

R&B singer Monica ditched her rapping baby daddy Rodney Hill for Phoenix Suns point guard Shannon Hill in 2010.

Strangely, Monica’s hubby was not a part of the All-Star festivities. I imagine that must have been kind of awkward.


Queen Latifah

queen latifah - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Why was Queen Latifah at the All-Star game? I guess she’s just a basketball fan…or has a movie to promote.


Nick Cannon

nick cannon - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

I never really realized until now how much Nick Cannon (aka Mr. Mariah Carrey) and Russell Westbrook look alike.

In any case, it was very nice of Russell to give Nick a couple tips for improving his jump shot.



ne-yo - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

What pro sports league has a major R&B act perform during the player introductions? The NBA of course.

Seriously, Ne-Yo performed during the player intros on Sunday, and people kind of hated it—though not for the actual singing, but for the overall poor audio quality.



Lala (with Monica)

monica and lala vasquez - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Monica’s hubby Shannon Brown: not an NBA All-Star.

Lala Vasquez’s hubby Carmelo Anthony: the fourth-leading vote-getter.

Of course, Monica’s husband has something Carmelo does not: an NBA Championship Ring. Actually, he’s got two of them.



ludacris - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Yeah, Ludacris was at the All-Star game. And check out the way his kicks match the lettering on his sweatshirt—that kind of coordination doesn’t just happen. It takes some serious planning.


Kevin Hart

kevin hart and shaquille o'neal - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Actor and comedian (or is it comedian and actor) Kevin Hart has become a regular at the NBA All-Star Game in recent years. This year he pretty much stole the show in the Celebrity game.


Josh Hutcherson

josh hutcherson - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Josh Hutcherson was getting steady work in a bunch movies that you probably wouldn’t ever  watch. But then he hit the jackpot and got cast as Peeta in the Hunger Games and now he gets to play in the celebrity game at the NBA All-Star weekend.


John Legend

john legend - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

John Legend performed the National Anthem on Sunday. It was magical.



jay-z talking to kobe bryant - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

As part owner and walking primary public relations guy for the suddenly cool Brooklyn Nets, you figured Jay-Z would be at the NBA All-Star Game. And of course, where there is Jay-Z there is also…



beyonce - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Yep, there’s Mrs. Z herself, looking fantastic as always. And what a coincidence that she would be seen on live national TV Sunday, just a a few hours before the premier of her documentary on HBO!


Common and Trinidad James

common with trinidad james- celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Common has 11 Grammy nominations and 2 wins, plus a successful film and television career. Trinidad James has…well, none of that. But he is just 25, so there’s time.


Chris Tucker


What happened to Chris Tucker? The guy was in tons of stuff in the late 90s, capped off with his biggest box office success in  1998′s Rush Hour. Since then he’s been in just one movie that isn’t Rush Hour sequel (Silver Linings Playbook).


Spike Lee

spike lee talking to joakim noah - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Of course Spike Lee was there. He’s probably the most famous fan the NBA has. (Well, it’s him or Jack Nicholson.)


Arne Duncan


Does the United State Secretary of Education, a member of the President’s Cabinet, count as a celebrity? I say yes. After all, even if you’ve never heard of Arne Duncan, he’s still a lot more famous and powerful than you or me.

And do my eyes deceive me, or is that the fastest man in the world towering over the U.S. Secretary of Education?


Usain Bolt

usain bolt - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Yep, Usain Bolt. Normally I don’t consider athletes to be “celebrities” in the context of a sporting event, but when the athlete is the most famous track star in the world I make an exception.

And by the way, Usain dunked in the Celebrity game, which is kind of awesome.



drake - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

Drake was very visible at the All-Star festivities. The guy was very pumped when Terrence Ross of his hometown Toronto Raptors won the Slam Dunk contest on Saturday night.



p-diddy sean combes talking to kobe - celebrities at 2013 nba all-star game

I’m not sure what Sean “P Diddy Dirty Daddy Puffy Money Doodle” Combes likes to be called these days. But whatever his official name is now, he was there.