The 25 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time

by: Esteban On  Thursday, January 31, 2013

sexiest super bowl commercials

As we all know, sex sells. It’s a stupid, clichéd phrase, but it’s true. So when it comes to the biggest advertising blitz on the planet—the Super Bowl—you know you’re in for quite the sexy spectacle. In fact, with each passing year, Super Bowl commercials get hotter and hotter as companies try to one-up each other (and even themselves) in order to get people talking about them at the water cooler and on social media.

So what can we expect this year? Well, we’ve already seen one commercial featuring Kate Upton, so I’m thinking it might be interesting. And to remind you of the kinds of sexy ads we’ve seen before, here’s a list of the 25 sexiest Super Bowl commercials of all time.

Sorry, bosses of the world. Your company’s productivity just took a serious nosedive.


25. Carmen Electra Peddles Gum (2008)

It’s a little weird that Ice Breakers hired Carmen Electra as a spokesperson in 2008. If it were 1998? Sure, I’d have understood. But by 2008 Carmen Electra wasn’t exactly the hottest act in town. I guess they were working with a limited budget, though. After all, those ad slots are crazy expensive.


24. The Uh Huh Girls (1991)

You youngsters out there don’t have any idea who the “uh huh” girls were, but trust me—they were very popular in 1991.


23. Banned Bud Skinny Dipping (2007)

This ad didn’t actually make it to air during the 2007 Super Bowl because it got banned. Rightfully so? I don’t know. When you compare this to some of the other ads that got banned (still to come) it seems pretty tame.


22. Snow Volleyball (2004)

In 2004 Visa decided to get everyone pumped for the Summer Olympis in February with this ad featuring beach volleyball players Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.

I don’t know if anything can get people excited for the Summer Olympics in the middle of winter, but if anything can do it it’s beach volleyball.


21. Danica and the Pussycat Dolls (2012) has become a household name simply because of their ridiculous Super Bowl commercials featuring sexy and/or scantily clad women. This is the one from last year.


20. Namath + Fawcett = Scandelous (1973)

This might be the very first sexy Super Bowl commercial. The innuendo here made it a little scandalous back in the day.


19. Danica For GoDaddy (2010)

Here’s another one from Unfortunately, this one never aired. I’m not sure if it was because it was too sexy, or because it was just too stupid.


18. The Bud Light Apology Bot 3000 (2007)

Here’s another Bud Light ad that got banned. It’s not so much because of the visual imagery used but the not-so-vague reference to amateur pornography, strippers, and lap dances.

Apparently they consider the Super Bowl somewhat of a “family show.”


17. Powerade & Bikinis & Guys Eating Bananas (2009)

This Powerade commercial also never made it to air. Maybe it had something to do with the bikini babes and the nipples and the creepy guy eating phallic fruit.


16. The Banned Ashley Madison Ad (2011) is a website that facilitated infidelity. So, you know, that right there was their first problem. Their second problem? The commercial they came up with in 2011 features a voluptuous chick in her underwear along with a bunch of other weird stuff.


15. Kim K Shaping Up (2011)

I’m pretty sure these stupid shoes do absolutely nothing to shape anything. That being said, I’ll take two pairs.

(Talk about effective marketing.)


14. The Original GoDaddy Commercial (2005)

This is the commercial that started them all. And unlike all the others, in additino to being sexy, this one is actually a funny piece of satire that pokes fun at the public reaction to the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004.


13. When Britney Was Hot (2002)

Hey, remember when Britney Spears was really, really hot? Yep, me too. And back then, she made this awesome Super Bowl ad for Pepsi that made the “Uh Huh Girls” look like nuns.


12. Tabasco Makes Everything Hot (2005)

I’m not sure why Tabasco made a Super Bowl commercial in 2005. That’s kind of like Heinz making a ketchup commercial, isn’t it? It hardly seems necessary. Nevertheless, they did make a Tasco commercial and, just like the sauce, it was pretty spicy.


11. Megan Fox in the Bath (2010)

If you’re a regular reader here at Refined Guy, then you probably realized that, somehow, Megan Fox makes it onto every single list having anything to do with attractive women. And I want you to understand that this is completely unintentional. She’s just that good at being hot. That’s why Motorola hired her.


10. Adriana Lima Selling Kias (2012)

Things in my dreams: Adriana Lima.

Things not in my dreams: Kias.

At least they got it half right.


9. Adriana Lima Selling Lacey Underpants (2008)

Who better to convince the nation to buy sexy lingerie than Adriana Lima?


8. Adriana Sellling...Who Knows (2012)

In this commercial they only reveal what Adriana is trying to sell at the end of the commercial, and by then I don’t think anyone cares. So let this be a lesson in how not to utilize a supermodel in a Super Bowl Commercial.


7. Landry Does Laundry (1998)

This commercial made Ali Landry a star. I was in high school when this commercial aired so I can tell you from first hand experience: it definitely caught the attention of its target audience. At my lunch table it was everyone’s favorite Super Bowl commercial.

PS, did you notice Jack from Will & Grace there? Weird.


6. Cindy Drinks Pepsi (1992)

Back in the day they knew how to make a sexy Super Bowl commercial that was still kind of classy. Case in point: this classic featuring Cindy Crawford.


5. Bud Light + Yoga = Not on Television (2003)

This Bud Light ad never made it to TV for obvious reasons. Though definitely sexy, it’s also pretty offensive and over-the-top.


4. The Miller Lite Catfight (2003)

Speaking of sexy but offensive and over the top, this Miller Lite ad sparked a huge controversy in 2003. Everyone was talking about weather it was a funny send-up of crass male fantasies, or if it just crossed the line.

(My girlfriend says it crossed the line, so that is my official position as well.)


3. PETA's Orgasmic Veggies (2009)

PETA is no stranger to provocative, sexy advertisements. But even for them, this one was a bit much. That’s why it got banned from the air.

Of course, it never would have worked anyway. I don’t care how much vegetables turn sexy women on, I’m still going to enjoy a good steak now and again.


2. Kim Loves Salads (2010)

Carls Jr. (or Hardees, as it’s called in the Midwest) is another company that’s become famous for pushing the boundaries in recent years. Their commercials featuring gorgeous women making passionate love to obscenely messy burgers have definitely garnered attention. Of course, in 2010 they tried to recreate the same magic with salads…and Kim Kardashian. I guess it wasn’t as successful, because by 2012 they were back to beerf…


1. Kate Loves Burgers (2012)

Smart move: hiring Kate Upton to appear in your burger commercial. She is definitely the sexiest woman on the planet right now.

Unwise move: making it just a little too provocative. The untying of the sweater, the sexy garter belt, the writhing, the sweating—it was all too much for CBS’s standards department, so this one never made it to air.

But hey, that’s what YouTube is for, right?