Samsung Unveils Hilariuous "El Plato Supreme" Super Bowl Commercial Starring Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd (Video)

by: JamieD On  Thursday, January 31, 2013

samsung el plato supreme commercial

When it comes to making a Super Bowl commercial, few do it better than the people at Samsung.  For evidence of this fact, look no further than their latest Super Bowl ad, titled “El Plato Supreme.”

The 60-second advertisement features the always hilarious Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd, as they attempt to pitch their own ideas for Samsung’s Super Bowl ad for their “The Next Big Thing” campaign, but they run into a few minor issues regarding trademark laws.  How will they work around these issues?  We&#

039;ll all find out on Sunday when Samsung releases their full two-minute version of the commercial, “The Big Pitch.”  And later on in the week, they are expected to unveil an extended cut version of the advertisement with some never-been-seen footage.

And along with making one heck of a Super Bowl commercial, the people at Samsung have also mastered the craft of creating top-of-the-line smartphones and tablets.  Their latest include the Galaxy Note II, the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note 10.1, and you can find out more about all of these products at

As for Samsung’s highly anticipated Super Bowl commercial, you can check it out below.  And if you like what you see, be sure to tell everyone about your favorite moment from “The Big Pitch” using the hashtag #TheNextBigThing on Twitter for your chance to win some amazing prizes from Samsung.

Here’s a look at Samsung’s “El Plato Supreme” Super Bowl Commercial: