50 Amazing Kate Upton GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, January 24, 2013
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Kate Upton GIFs

I don’t think there can be any doubt that Kate Upton is the hottest woman on the planet right now. And I don’t simply mean she is the best looking, although she may be. Instead, I mean that, right now, pretty much everything she touches turns to gold.

Just look at that Mercedes commercial she just did. All it does is suggest the idea of Kate Upton getting all wet and soapy without ever showing that. Suddenly it’s a viral hit, Kate Upton is at the top of the Google Trends search rankings, and everyone is discussing whether the commercial is or is not in poor taste. And call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Mercedes was hoping for when they hired her.

So, like I said, Kate Upton has to be the hottest woman on the planet right now. And just in case you don’t understand why, we’ve put together this list of 50 amazing Kate Upton GIFs. You will definitely want to have a look.


50. Adjustments

Celebrity GIFs Kate-Upton-GIF

Good call. Better make sure you got that thing on right.


49. On the Runway

kate upton walking runway in lingerie - kate upton gifs

I wonder what put the bounce in her step?


48. Splashing

kate upton funny face in water - kate upton gifs

I guess the water’s cold or something.


47. Dancing Upton

kate upton whats up homies - kate upton gifs

Kate Upton is so gangsta.


46. Kate Does Yoga

kate upton stretching in yoga pants - kate upton gifs

As they say, Yoga is great for the body and mind.


45. Commercial Shoot

kate upton orange checker bikini - kate upton gifs

Every time Kate does anything—photo shoot, commercial, whatever—somebody is shooting “behind the scenes footage.”

The reasons for this are obvious.


44. On the Runway Again

kate upton runway swimsuit - kate upton gifs

What can I say? Kate is a gifted runway model.


43. Behind the Scenes

kate upton backstage - kate upton gifs

See what I mean? They’re always shooting “behind the scenes” footage wherever Kate Upton happens to be.


42. Kate the Easter Bunny, Part 1

kate upton wiping hands on breasts - kate upton gifs

That’s a really weird napkin.


41. Kate the Easter Bunny, Part 2

kate upton egg out of bra - kate upton gifs

“Now, were did I leave that egg? Oh, right, in my cleavage.”


40. Kate the Easter Bunny, Part 3

kate upton bunny outfit boobs - kate upton gifs

Just need to..make a few…adjustments here.

There we go.


39. Kate the Easter Bunny, Part 4

kate upton cleavage dancing - kate upton gifs

I know what you’re thinking—”how many GIFs of Kate dressed up at the Easter Bunny are on this list anyway?”

And the answer is four. This is the last one. Now, on to the next one…


38. Laughing

kate upton laughing - kate upton gifs

People should caption more Kate Upton GIFs, because this one is pretty hilarious.


37. Dancing by Some Rocks

kate upton dancing in a bikini

Kate loves to dance, in case you didn’t realize.


36. Dancing by Some Rocks, the Sequal

kate upton dancing red bikini 2 - kate upton gifs

This is pretty much the only dance move I ever use when I’m out, but it doesn’t really look as good when I do it.


35. Entertaining the Locals

kate upton wiggling between two employees - kate upton gifs

These guys had a pretty interesting day at work. It’s a shame they couldn’t tell their wives about it. (“So honey, I’m at work today, and Kate Freaking Upton comes and rubs herself all over me. I mean, it was amazing!”)



34. Lounging at the Beach

kate upton naked on the beach - kate upton gifs

You know, I always did think clothes were kind of overrates.


33. Kate + Scissors

kate upton cutting off shirt - kate upton gifs

Be honest—how long did you watch this one before realizing, “oh, it’s not a glitch”?


32. Rejected by KD

kate upton rejected by kevin durant - kate upton gifs

The only time Kate Upton has ever been rejected by a (heterosexual) man in her life.


31. Milking a Cow

kate upton milking a cow - kate upton gifs

Not going to lie. This one makes me a little uncomfortable.


30. Red & White

kate upton in white bikini top with red shirt - kate upton gifs

This shot pretty much mimics the way most men look at Kate Upton. (Yes, we’re pathetic.)


29. Sprayed Down

kate upton getting sprayed down with mist - kate upton gifs

The question here is, is that sun screen or just mist to make her look all glisteny for the commercial shoot?


28. Captain Upton

kate upton the sailor - kate upton gifs


27. Who, me?

kate upton says come here - kate upton gifs

If Kate Upton calls you like that, you obey.


26. Circus Underwear?

kate upton with lion in lingerie - kate upton gifs

This one is a little strange. But, you know, still hot.


25. Nice Chicken

kate upton bending over - kate upton gifs

Photographer: “Okay now Kate, pick up that hen and…yes, great…oh, great…yes, work it…and…great. We’re done.”


24. Disrobing

kate upton commercial - kate upton gifs

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m assuming the joke here is that the kid is blindfolded.


23. Patriotic

kate upton with american flag in her mouth - kate upton gifs

God Bless America. Am I right?


22. Stop Staring at My Starfish

kate upton with starfish on breasts - kate upton gifs

I guess these starfish are dead, or else this might be kind of dangerous. (You know, like, if they latched on.)


21. One More Stroll Down the Runway

kate upton jiggling in black bikini runway - kate upton gifs

Kate Upton must really love her job, because she always seems to walk down the runway with such enthusiasm.


20. Oh to be a straw!

kate upton sucking on a straw - kate upton gifs

Here it sort of looks like Kate thinks the straw is a flute.


19. A Little Shimmy

kate upton jiggling her breasts - kate upton gifs

Be careful with this one. It’s easy to get mesmerized. If you don’t look away after a few seconds, the next thing you know it’s 3 hours later.


18. Adjustment Bureau

kate upton adjusting bikini top - kate upton gifs

Is it just me, or is every little movement this woman makes deliberately ridiculous? I mean, is she like this all the time? Does Kate Upton look sexy while taking the lid off a jar of olives?

Justin Verland, if you’re reading this, please let us know.


17. Hosed Down

kate upton getting squirted with water topless - kate upton gifs

I have to say, this is one of the weirder Kate Upton GIFs out there. Because, really, what is going on here?


16. Lounging

kate upton lying in grass for photo shoot - kate upton gifs

Just another day at the office for Kate Upton—lying around in skimpy clothes being photographed, looking sexy. The yooj.


15. In the Pool

kate upton in pool for photo shoot - kate upton gifs

Who has the better job—Kate Upton, or everybody else at this photo shoot?

I’m going with everybody else.


14. Yet Another Photo Shoot

kate upton feeling her hair - kate upton gifs

There is more footage documenting Kate Upton photo shoots than there is of the United States Congress, and they’re on C-Span every single day.


13. Coming Into Focus

kate upton feeling her hair again - kate upton gifs

This videographer found it difficult to focus while looking at Kate Upton. It’s a very common problem.


12. Zoom In, Zoom Out

kate upton laugh in striped bikini - kate upton gifs

This one will make you dizzy.


11. Walking on the Beach

kate upton walking on the beach - kate upton gifs

Hey, who doesn’t enjoy a nice long walk along the beach?


10. At the Beach Again

kate upton topless on the beach - kate upton gifs

I love how bikini models are always taking photos of themselves holding their tops in their hands and covering their chests with their arms, as though this is just something that chicks do at the beach.

(If it is something chicks just do at the beach, then clearly I go to the wrong beaches.)


9. Eating a Popsicle

kate upton eating popsicle - kate upton gifs

Like some of the others, you have to be careful with this because you can easily get put into a trance.


8. Still working on that popsicle

kate upton eating popsicle 2 - kate upton gifs

I wonder how many popsicles they went through that day?


7. The Painted on Bikini Photoshoot


Am I the only one who finds painted on bikinis infuriating? I mean, why do they do that to us? It’s not even fair. It’s cruel. Real bikinis are bad enough. But with these they’re just messing with our heads.


6. Taking a Dip

kate upton in swimming pool - kate upton gifs

Earlier I asked who had the better job—Kate Upton of the people in charge of photographing her—and I said I think it’s the latter. However, it sure looks like she’s enjoying herself here, so maybe I’ll reconsider.


5. Another Typical Day at the Office

kate upton holding her breasts with hands - kate upton gifs

Hey, that’s a pretty cool belt buckle.


4. Sensual Burger

kate upton hardees carls jr commercial - kate upton gifs

Suddenly I’m craving a burger from Hardee’s. (Maybe it’s called Carl’s Jr. where you live?)


3. Lip Reading

kate upton on a long dock cleavage - kate upton gifs

Okay, help me out, lip readers. What’s she saying here?


2. The Cat Daddy

kate upton cat daddy - kate upton gifs

This is without a doubt the most famous Kate Upton GIF of them all…so far. But it’s not the #1 on this list.


1. Strip Tease

kate upton taking off shirt - kate upton gifs

How about that, huh?

And this concludes our list. I hope you enjoyed it.