Rapper T.I. In Akoo Cardigan, Dita Oxford Eyeglasses and Maison Martin Margiela Sneakers

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, January 16, 2013

T.I. at 'Gangster Squad' premiere

Rapper T.I. was spotted at the recent premiere for the movie Gangster Squad with his wife Tiny, and he was looking characteristically stylish.

His whole ensemble, from his eyes down to his feet, was made up of classy name brands, such as Akoo, Dita, and Maison Martin Margiela.  More specifically, he had on a Forest Night Strong Arm Cardigan from Akoo, a pair of Oxford eyeglasses from Dita, and Suede Polished Leather Two-Tone Sneakers from MMM.

Want to cop some of T.I.’s style? You can do so with just a little bit of money (relatively speaking) – the cardigan is just $99 here, with the glasses going for $375 here and the sneakers for $685 here.

There, now you’re ready to get dressed up and watch Gangster Squad.

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