50 Awesome Hip Hop Rides

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, January 16, 2013
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awesome hip hop rides (cars)

Hip hop and cars go together like hamburgers and french fries…or rum and Coke. In fact, I’m pretty sure every hip hop video in the history of hip hop videos has featured at least one slick car, and most of them feature about five.

Of course, those pimped out cars (and yachts…and helicopters…and jets) in the music videos do not usually belong to the artists; however, that doesn’t mean they don’t have some pretty nice rides. So I decided that today’s list would take a look at some of these awesome hip hop rides. It’s certainly not a comprehensive list of all the amazing luxury automobiles and donks these guys own—that would be a list of about 2,000 or so—but it is a list of some of the more notable and/or interesting ones. So check it out—and curse yourself for going to college to study business administration instead of becoming a rapper.


50. Eminem's Hummer H2

50 eminem hummer h2 - awesome hip hop rides

Yeah, Hummers are a little 2002, but then so is Eminem. Am I right?


49. Dr. Dre's Hummer H2

49 dr. dre hummer h2 - awesome hip hop rides

Yep, Marshall Mathers’ buddy Dr. Dre also has a Hummer H2. And that’s not the only way in which the two hip hop superstars’ automotive preferences overlap. Both also have endorsement deals with Chrysler.


48. T.I.' Bentley Mulsanne

48 t.i. bentley mulsanne - awesome hip hop rides

They can send the man to prison, but they can’t take his Bentley.


47. T.I.'s Dodge Challenger

47 t.i. dodge challenger - awesome hip hop rides

T.I. doesn’t just stick with luxury rides. He likes muscles cars, too.

Now, I wonder which one he keeps his stash of firearms in.


46. Yung Joc's Mercedes-Benz CLS500

46 yung joc mercedes benz cls500 - awesome hip hop rides

Yung Joc may not be a hip hop superstar, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to drive around in anything other than a bright orange Benz.


45. Ja Rule's Lamborghini Murcielago

45 ja rule lamborghini murcielago - awesome hip hop rides

Ja Rule may not be a particularly relevant  player in the hip hop world today, but the guy made his money in the 2000s and spent some of it on nice rides like this.


44. Busta Rhymes's Rolls Royce Phantom

44 busta rhymes rolls royce phantom - awesome hip hop rides

In the good old days, Busta might have preferred Lamborghinis or Ferraris, but now that he shops at the Big & Tall store he likes something a little roomier that’s easier to get in and out of. Like this Rolls.


43. Timbaland's Rolls Royce Phantom

43 timbaland rolls royce phantom drophead - awesome hip hop rides

See what I mean? The Phantom is the luxury automobile of choice for today’s husky rapper.


42. The Game's Bentley Coupe

42 the game bentley - awesome hip hop rides

The Game likes his Bentley a little sporty. Silver is a little boring, though.


41. Wiz Khalifa's Dodge Challenger

41 wiz khalifa dodge challenger - awesome hip hop rides

I guess the Wiz is going to have to trade this muscle car in for a minivan now that his fiance Amber Rose is pregnant.


40. Chris Brown's WWII Fighter Plane Lamborghini


Chris Brown likes to pretend he’s a WWII while driving around L.A., smacking his girlfriends around.


39. Young Jeezy's Lamborghini Murcielago

39 young-jeezy-lamborghini-murcielago - awesome hip hop rides

Jeezy’s Lamborghini is pretty hot. I’m surprised he’d let a valet touch that thing.


38. Chamillionaire's 1967 Plymouth Fury

38 chamillionaire plymouth fury 1967 - awesome hip hop rides

Fun fact: Chamillionaire’s actual name is Hakeem Seriki.

Anyway, Hakeem has a fondness for classic cars, and who could blame him. This one is gorgeous.


37. Ludacris's Chrysler ME 412

37 ludacris chrysler me 412 - awesome hip hop rides

The Chrysler ME 412 was just a concept supercar. They only ever produced two of them. And yet Ludacris managed to get his hands on one. (I wonder who got the other one.)


36. Bow Wow's Range Rover, Lamborghini, and Bentley

36 bow wow bentley continental gt - lamborghini gallardo - range rover sport - awesome hip hop rides

He’s 25 years old now, so Shad Gregory Moss prefers to be called just “Bow Wow” these days. However, to me he’ll always be Lil’ Bow Wow.


35. Lil Wayne's Rolls Royce Phantom

35 lil wayne rolls royce phantom drophead coupe - awesome hip hop rides

See, Bow Wow, just because you’re all grown up, and doesn’t mean you have to drop the lil in your name. Just look at Dwayne Michael Carter—he’s done pretty well for himself.


34. Lil Wayne's Bugatti Veyron

34 lil wayne bugatti veyron - awesome hip hop rides

It’s like my mother always said: you aint nobody unless you got a Bugatti.


33. Flo Rida's Mercedes-Benz CL

33 flo rida mercedes cl - awesome hip hop rides

Is there any rapper making more hits than Flo Rida right now? The guy is on 50% of all pop albums released over the past 2 years.


32. Flo Rida's Bugatti Veyron

32 flo rida bugatti veyron - awesome hip hop rides

With the kind of money he’s raking in, Flo doesn’t just get a Bugatti. He get’s a Bugatti with a crazy chrome finish. Cause why not, right?


31. Xzibit's Custom Adidas Lamborghini Gallardo

31 xzibit-lamborghini-gallardo - awesome hip hop rides

If I ever become a multimillionaire, I think I, too, shall get a Lamborghini with my favorite clothing brand’s logo all over it.

If you ever see a Gallardo rolling down the street with Dockers all over it, that’s me.


30. Snoop Dogg's 1967 Cadillac, aka Brown Sugar

30 snoop-doggs-1967-cadillac-brown-sugar - awesome hip hop rides

Snoop probably has some luxury cars, too, but his most awesome rides are the tricked out boats like this one here…and the next one…


29. Snoop Dogg's 1967 Pontiac Parisienne, aka the Lakermobile

29 snoop dogg 1967 pontiac parisienne lakers car - awesome hip hop rides

What can I say? Calvin Broadus likes a good donk.


28. Jay-Z's Jeep Wrangler


When just running errands around town, Jay-Z, man of the people, likes to keep it real in his Jeep Wrangler.

Of course, that’s not his only ride…


27. Jay-Z's Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport

27 jay z birthday present bugatti gran sport - awesome hip hop rides

For his 41st birthday a couple years ago, Mr. Z’s lovely wife, Beyonce, gave him this pretty okay Bugatti.

What did your wife give you for your birthday?


26. T-Pain's Orange Impala

26 t-pain impala - awesome hip hop rides

T-Pain supposedly owns over thirty cars, and among his collection are a few notable luxury vehicles. However, the cooler cars are the ones like this classic Chevy Impala.


25. T-Pain's Joker Impala

25 t-pain joker impala - awesome hip hop rides

What, you thought T-Pain just had one Chevy Impala? Yeah right. He’s also got this Joker-themed ride.


24. T-Pain's Hearse

24 t-pain orange herse - awesome hip hop rides

And yes, of course T-Pain also has a vintage hesrse. He’s T-Pain.


23. Rick Ross's Maybach

23 rick ross maybach - awesome hip hop rides

Wearing the car’s hood ornament as a necklace—that’s a classy touch, Rick.


22. Rick Ross's 1973 Impala

22 rick ross 1973 impala

Rick Ross doesn’t just have the luxury automobiles. The guy has classic’s, too.

Actually, I think it’s a law that any rapper worth more than $100,000 must purchase a vintage Chevy Impala.


21. P Diddy's Family Rolls

21 p diddy sons rolls royce - awesome hip hop rides

Awwww, too cute! I bet this was on their Christmas card.


20. P Diddy's Lamborghini

20 p diddy lamborghini - awesome hip hop rides

Yeah, a Rolls is nice for driving the kids to soccer practice and whatnot, but for the weekends you need something a little sportier. Am I right?


19. Akon's Lamborghini Murcielago

19 akon lamborghini murcielago - awesome hip hop rides

Akon likes performance cars, so he’s amassed quite the collection. And the crazy thing is, they’re all white with white rims.

Want to see more evidence? Check out the next one.


18. Akon's Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder

18 akon spyker C8 spyder - awesome hip hop rides

See what I mean? White car, white rims. This one even has white interior, just to remain consistent.


17. Cee Lo's Vintage Rolls

17 cee lo green vintage rolls royce convertible - awesome hip hop rides
Cee Lo’s vintage Rolls Royce convertible is pretty sweet. It doesn’t quite make up for that time he dressed up like a bird and sang a duet with Gwyneth Paltrow at the Grammys, but it’s a start.


16. 50 Cent's Rolls Royce Phantom

16 50 cent rolls royce phantom - awesome hip hop rides

50 Cent is a pretty huge car collector, and every collector needs a Rolls, right?


15. 50 Cent's Lamborghini Gallardo

15 50 cent lamborghini gallardo - awesome hip hop rides

50 is also pretty fond of performance cars, so he’s got a couple of Lamborghinis, too. The first is this royal blue Gallardo.


14. 50 Cent's Lamborghini Murcielago

14 50 cent lamborghini  murcielago roadster - awesome hip hop rides

And here is Mr. Cent’s other Lamborghini.

It must be very difficult to decide which one to drive on a given day. #firstworldproblems


13. Wyclef Jean's McLaren F1

13 wyclef jean mclaren f1 - awesome hip hop rides

Do you like supercars? Because Wyclef does. When he’s not busy building houses or running for President in his native Haiti, he likes to drive around in cars like this, or…


12. Wyclef Jean's Pagani Zonda

12 wyclef jean pagani zonda - awesome hip hop rides

I wonder how many Hatian houses that Pagani Zonda could buy?


11. will.i.am's Tesla Roadster and Bentley

11 will.i.am tesla roadster and bently - awesome hip hop rides

I guess being in the Black Eyed Peas is a good gig.


10. will.i.am's McLaren MP4 12C

10 will.i.am mclaren mp4-12c - awesome hip hop rides

Yep, that is one hot car. I guess this is how he treated himself when he got that first royalty check from “I’ve Gotta Feelin.” These things cost in the neighborhood of $970,000.


9. Swizz Beatz's Morgan Aero

9 swizz beats morgan aero - awesome hip hop rides

Oh, hey, what’s up man. Just hanging out here with my car. It’s a Morgan Aero, no big deal or anything.


8. Swizz Beatz's Mercedes McLaren SLR

8 swizz beatz mercedes mclaren slr - awesome hip hop rides

Mercedes only made 3500 of these cars from 2003 to 2009. So if you got your hands on one, then in the car collectors’ world you’re pretty hot sh-t. And Swizz is just the first of three guys remaining who have one.


7. Pharrell's Mercedes McLaren SLR

7  pharrell mercedes mclaren slr - awesome hip hop rides

Yep, epic hip hop producer Pharrell has a Mercedes McLaren. And that’s not all, either…


6. Pharrell's Ferrari Enzo

6 pharrell ferrari enzo - awesome hip hop rides

Pharrell also has an extremely rare Ferrari Enzo, of which only 400 were ever made.


5. Kanye's Lamborghini Aventador

5 kanye west lamborghini aventador - awesome hip hop rides

If Batman drove a Lamborghini, it would look like this.


4. Kanye's Aston Martin DB9

4 kanye west aston martin DB9 - awesome hip hop rides

I guess this one isn’t bad if you want something kind of plain.

(That’s sarcasm.)


3. Kanye's Mercedes McLaren SLR

3 kanye west mercedes mclaren slr - awesome hip hop rides

Yep, Kanye also has a Mercedes McLaren SLR. And I’d venture to guess that nobody looks as good in their car as Kanye does in this.


2. Birdman's Bugatti Veyron

2 birdman bugatti veyron - awesome hip hop rides

Birdman is one of the legendary car collectors in hip hop. Here he is posing with his brand new Bugatti.


1. Birdman's Maybach Excelero

1 birdman maybach excelero - awesome hip hop rides

The Maybach Excelero is the most expensive car in the world, with a price tag of $8M. But how do I know this Excelero is the one that belongs to Birdman? Because they only made one, and he bought it.

That’s what you call a rare automobile.